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images not showing after transfer

After transfer WordPress to another host some images not shown on pages. I fixed all permissions firstly but I realized that images which contains characters like ç,ş not recognised by server. In my previous server there is no problem about that. For example;ÜLLÜK-768×791.jpg its could be reachable on previous server. But now, its returning […]

Creating 'required' fields in the 'add media' window

I am trying to make certain fields in the ‘add media’ window required. For example when you are in a post and you click “add media” I don’t want the user to actually be able to send the image to the editor window unless the user has filled in a Title. I have tried something […]

WordPress Media Uploader in page template (On Front-end)

I’ve tried to use Media Uploader in a page template, so registered users can upload some images, but I’m not sure is it possible. I know I need to include some scripts and I’ve called wp_enqueue_media(); in functions.php, and when call it I get this error in console: Uncaught ReferenceError: _ is not defined at […]

How to add an image to a custom url?

how can I create a custom URL for my WordPress site and add an image there? For instance, if my site is, how can I insert an image into

Is it ok to paste a WordPress Image URL into a post?

I notice that if you insert an image into a post (from your existing media library) WordPress inserts specific WP Code… My question is (since I am curious) – is there a problem with simply just copying and pasting the image URL and inserting that into the text portion of a (for example) WordPress post? […]

Images not loading after migration

I have migrated my site from to However, the images are not displaying at the new URL. If you visit the new URL at, you will see missing images – the only ones loading are those still being loaded from the old domain (in the header and footer). I updated the database […]

Is it possible to put images as url in document

I am using WordPress version 4.8. Is it possible to add images via url in a document.

Change align classes for images

How to change align classes for images in TinyMCE. I can use filters to change the classes for the initial output, but when TinyMCE is used and I update the alignment of the image, the usual “aligncenter”, “alignright”, etc classes are added to the element. Is there a way to change these?

How to upload WordPress Images to remote web server and display those images in WordPress gallery

By default, WordPress Media Uploader Gallery picks up images from the /uploads folder as given in wp-config file. I have a requirement where instead of uploading to this WordPress location, I need to upload to a remote server wherein I need to store these images and then display all the images available on the remote […]

Ho to add “Create Slider” option to default “Add Media” popup?

What are the steps to create a custom “Create Slider” option in the default “Add Media” popup (the one used to insert images and gallery into editor)? The “Create Gallery” item should be below “Create Gallery” item. It should allow to select multiple images and insert a shortcode with images IDs similar to gallery shortcode.