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Making WordPress Gallery (.gallery-item) Responsive?

Shortcode for Gallery: I’m using a 5 column gallery on an inner page of a website, obviously when the site responds down to mobile and even tablet devices, the images within the gallery keep the default style of width: 20%; and appear far too small. I have tried adding a media query style to increase […]

extract post image to be featured images

I been working with featured images more lately and I been adding them to my posts as I go. However I have a bunch of older posts that do not have the featured image set and I want to use it for such things as wptouch etc. So I have like 300 posts and to […]

Caption in Page adding unwanted 10px to width

I’m trying to create an image with a caption in a Page I’m working with. In the image options, I have it aligned right, with an image width of 220. Without the caption I have no problems, however with the addition of the caption it adds a div wrapper with an inline style width of […]

Can WordPress resize BMP files?

Interesting situation i just ran into. I have a site I am developing in which I have defined specific image sizes I want created whenever a new image is uploaded. Currently lets just say that I defined a specific thumbnail size of 75×75 and a medium sized image of 150×150 pixels. Assuming we proceed to […]

Why can't I edit certain images from the WordPress Media library?

I’ve noticed some bizarre behaviour in my WordPress installation. For some photos, when I click “Edit Image”, the full image is not displayed to me – just the area visible in the thumbnail. And yet, if you click “View Image”, you can see the full image is actually there. Clearly, some manual intervention is required […]

post thumb nail

I retrieve information from database postmeta table. I have 2 custom post type ‘book’ and ‘author’ I using metabox to connect them together. when user go to book custom post and adding new book. he must use check box metabox to determined which author write this book. I have another page in my website which […]

Set Custom Post feature image as og:image

I am trying to set the Featured image as the og:image I have tried various ways and plugins (Yoast) but finding it hard to get my head around this. The issue is that it isn’t picking up the feature image at all instead it is picking up the images in the content. This is my […]

How to add a media with PHP

I have more than 1000 pictures on my webserver, uploaded with FTP in a local folder ( /home/chris/pictures ) Is there a way to add them as a well known media to wordpress in PHP and get their id? while ( $the_query->have_posts() ) : $the_query->the_post(); $post_id = get_the_ID(); $filemakerID = get_post_meta($post_id, ‘filemaker_id’, true); $file[‘url’]=’/home/chris/picture_export/’.$filemakerID.’.jpeg’; $file[‘type’] […]

get attributes/part of the gallery shortcode

I’m trying to grab all image id’s that are associated with the shortcode that are listed as exclude. For example: if my post has I’d like to get a variable that would echo like this echo $excludes; result 1,2,3 thank you for any help you can offer.

When Uploading JPEGs, Does WordPress Compress the Original Image?

I’m trying to determine what my image processing workflow should look like. I know WordPress automatically resizes and compresses images to various different sizes on upload. I’m curious if it does any compression on the original image. Since it’s doing compression (as it should) on the smaller images, I wouldn’t want to upload an already […]