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Extend WP Customizer to make multiple image selection possible

Is there a way to extend the WordPress Customizer, in order to enable multiple selections? This looks like what I want: I don’t get it to work. It only shows add button and remove button but they don’t do anything. Is there another existing extension script that I can use?

How to make footer area transparent? Using Avada and WordPress

For the homepage, I’d like the main page background to be the background for the entire page, including the footer. Please help!? Reed

Shortcode function doesnt work without caption

I’m working on a site that has this function to output the caption of a picture and is credits/date but doesn’t work if only credits/date are definied and caption isnt. If thats the case the function will ignore the image and it wil be wrapped in a p tag which i think its generated by […]

IMG size is set to width=“964px” or “100%”, but is shown as “634px” in browser

I have set up a theme with a width of 964 px, so that images in the post should be shown as 964 px, when set to 100% (or 964 px). I mean the complete width of the page/wrapper. Unfortunately, this does not work, but I can not find the culprit. Link: Code, I […]

Is it possible to enable the 'Link To' field under 'Attachment Display Settings' for a Featured Image?

When inserting a photo into a content region, you get the option to enter a link URL. Is it possible to enable this field on the “Featured Image” picker? I know I could achieve the same thing with a custom field, but I’d like to do this with WordPress’s built in feature if possible, to […]

Get the id of all images in a post

Im trying to get the id of images from a post. i’ve tried with wp_get_attachment_url( $id ) and some other options but always get an empty array when i do var_dump or print_r. Whats the correct way to do it? thanks.

Custom responsive 'featured image' sizes

My home page has a carousel of ‘featured (thumbnail) images‘ from posts. The carousel uses about two=thirds of the screen width and Google Page Speed Analyser complains that my images are too large. What I would like to insert into my bootstrap carousel code would be something like: <img src=”//localhost:3000/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/Oysters-at-A-fusion.jpg” class=”attachment-front_page_lg size-front_page_lg wp-post-image” alt=”Oysters at […]

What is required in the hosting environment for WordPress to process an image into multiple sizes?

I’m looking for source documentation on what hosting environment prerequisites there are for the hosting environment so that WordPress can process images into multiple sizes. All the libraries necessary to process images in the way WordPress does are not included in the PHP core of WordPress itself. I’m looking for a list of what additional […]

How to retrieve certain number of images from a wordpress post?

I need to retrieve only the first 5 images for a wordpress post but I don’t know how to do this. I need to use this on a custom blog to be used on my home page. Any tips? Thanks!

Row background image not showing in mobile browser served from wamp local host

I am developing a website using wampserver on localhost and I am trying to view my site on mobile on my local network. I changed the home and site URL in Settings > General from http://localhost/site/wordpress To http://ip/site/wordpress I also used the velvet blues URL plugin to update my images etc. from localhost to my […]