Articles of import

Better way to remove HTML syntax from all content

I have a bunch of articles imported via a very old Joomla 1.0 installation. The content of these posts have a lot of unwanted inline html. I was able to clean all with something like this (I made a template with this inside, then I opened it): <?php $tochange = get_posts(‘post_type=post&numberposts=-1’); foreach ($tochange as $post): […]

Faking the “onSave” event

While a specific use-case, I believe this may benefit others. I am using TurboCSV to mass-import a number of posts into WordPress (which it is doing wonderfully so far). Within that import, I am specifying custom fields to be used in conjunction with Advanced Custom Fields to store/output the data. The post_meta table is being […]

Maintenance holding page while migrating website

I was hoping someone might be able to help me with the right procedure for establishing a holding page while migrating a local WP site to an already live server. I know there are lots of maintenance mode plugins. However, if I’m migrating/replacing WordPress files on the server and migrating the database, won’t the plugin […]

Exporting and importing my WordPress database, but none of the plugin settings are importing

I’m dumping my entire WordPress database, changing all necessary references, and then importing it into another domain. Everything works fine, except my plugin settings are not being set in the new domain. Does anyone know if WordPress saves plugin settings locally somewhere? Or a reason why it would activate all the plugins, but not set […]

Moving a blog from Tumblr to WordPress

I want to move all my content, posts and pics from Tumblr to WordPress ..! What would be the best way to do this???

Import Images from one self-hosted WordPress install to another

I am redeveloping a client’s site and, for a number of reasons, in the process changing hosts. I’m developing it on the new host and to get the site orgainised I have attempted to import all the pages from the old site using the WordPress export/import plugins. During the import I checked the “import images” […]

WordPress import not importing custom taxonomy

I’ve posted this already in the WP Support Forum hoping to have more luck here. I’m trying to import a custom post type from one blog to another. (126 posts in the custom post type). I’ve exported using WordPress’ export function from WP version 3.3.2 and trying to import into 3.2.1. I can get all […]

Attachment 0×0 size error

My theme uses 8 different thumbnail sizes. I imported my local installation to the final server using phpmyadmin to export the wordpress database. Everything is smooth except for the attachments: many post thumbnails are broken. The file is there and displayed, but at the wrong size. When i open the file in the media library […]

How to import only certain comments from post

NOTICE: This is solely NOT a Question, but related to WordPress Migration and Export-Import. I started blogging in and then shifted my blog to a self-hosted site. But even after that, I din’t shut down my .com blog for some internal reasons. Though I stopped updating the .com blog, users are still commenting […]

Image File Names

I’ve been poking around the Codex in hopes of finding out how WP renames image files when you upload them… it’s probably there but I can’t seem to find it. It seems that if I upload 1 file, like xue.jpg, that I get many files, like: xue-123×456.jpg xue-456×789.jpg and so on. I take it that […]