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Import live site to local setup without access to live site

I am working with a client to update a current wordpress site. I do not have access to the actual WordPress install because they are behind a VPN that I’m not able to get behind for various reasons. They have sent me a download of all the wordpress files on their server as well as […]

Import users once a day without a plugin

I need to import users to my WP database once a day. So I have a script that runs once a day to do an action. The problem that I’m having is that I’m a little over my head on this one. Another company provides me with userdata in a .csv file. I then need […]

Import a header template from another theme

I have a multisite WordPress project with a main site using Theme A and all ‘sub’-sites using Theme B. Both Theme A and Theme B are Child Themes. I want to import the header file from Theme A into Theme B, so I can show that header before Theme B’s header – how would I […]

Import subdomain WordPress into main domain WordPress

I have the following setup: two WordPress blogs, one on the main domain, let’s call it and one on a sub-domain After a few years of running these blogs independently I have to merge the sub-domain into the main domain: > Each blog’s database is over 100MB and the sub-domain uploads […]

Migration problems with mysql: Operation not allowed when innodb_forced_recovery > 0

I’m transferring a bunch of domains a new host. The site names remain the same, and for the sites I’ve already migrated, no manipulation was necessary in the database. It just works once name-servers are pointed at the new box. That’s great. For some sites, however, during import, mysql throws this error: Operation not allowed […]

create importer with importer api

I want create new custom importer but I don’t know which way is best I googled and find out wordpress has an importer api but there isn’t no tutorial and reference Can you help me?

Cleaning a filename after image sideloading a url that contains `%20`

Right now I’m creating a plugin to sideload images from an external source. The UI allows me to select files on the external server then downloads them via AJAX & media_sideload_image. Everything is working great. After the images is loaded I clean up the attachment’s title by replacing the dashes and underscores with spaces in […]

Export Users From Live Site to Import onto staging

I have a staging site copied from my live site that I’m working on adding some functionality. The problem is that new users are signing up on my live site. Once I’m done fixing the problems on my staging site I will want to make that my live site but want the users list to […]

Do we need to change our child function.php to require/include child dir files when we add an over-riding file.php into the child theme

With child themes we are supposed to leave parent functions.php in tact and extend it with the child functions.php. However parent functions.php typically define a whole load of include/requires which refer to files in the parent directory. Do we need to remember to over-ride these in our child function.php each time we create a child.php […]

Which is the correct way to migrate content from single WP to WP multisite

I have an existing and working normal (not multisite) WP installation. Now I’ve created a new WP MultiSite installation and successfully set up 2 independent sites (both empty). Now I would like to clone the content from the old site to one of the site within the new multisite installation. Here is what I’ve done […]