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WP Page Options Array

I’m creating a page options which contain some multiple checkboxes with specific values. Here is a snippet of my checkboxes form code: <label>Global Checkboxes</label> <input style=”width:0;” type=”checkbox” name=”page_options[check_list_global][0]” value=“check1″ <?php checked( $options[‘check_list_global’][0], ‘check1’); ?> /> <label>Check 1</label> <input style=”width:0;” type=”checkbox” name=”page_options[check_list_global][1]” value=“check2″ <?php checked( $options[‘check_list_global’][1], ‘check2′); ?> /> <label>Check 2</label> <input style=”width:0;” type=”checkbox” name=”page_options[check_list_global][2]” value=“check3″ […]

get value from selected input

here is my situation, I have different input, each of them them having a <input id=”q1a2″ type=”radio” name=”q1″ value=”1″ tabindex=”-1″> <input id=”q2a1″ type=”radio” name=”q2″ value=”3″ tabindex=”-1″> etc those value are being taken from an Advanced custom field like: <?php if( have_rows(‘answer_three’) ): ?> <?php while( have_rows(‘answer_three’) ): the_row(); ?> <input id=”<?php echo ‘q’ . $i […]

I am trying to make a page in the admin section similar to the appearance of the Profile page for users

I am working on a plugin and would like to know the correct way I go about creating a page that will look like the users page (image attached at the buttom) The fields will be different and will add data(the data is unrelated to user information) to a new table created by the plugin […]

Remember form field values with page navigation

I have a form on a page template that controls which posts show up on the page and how those posts are ordered. You can see what I mean here: The questions I have is, how do I get the form to “remember” the selected values when the user uses the pagination at the […]

Quicktags on all textarea.. Not working on plugin?

I want to put a couple of quicktags/buttons on a textarea which is outputted by a plugin called user submitted posts. I have given this textarea an unique id and read this on the Quicktags documentation: Run quicktags(settings) to initialize it, where settings is an object containing up to 3 properties: settings = { id […]

Allow HTML in Settings API input field

I want to allow HTML into a plugin input field via a user, I am using the Settings API, but it strips everything HTML out. – Code below -any pointers? function plugin_settings(){ register_Setting( ‘ng_settings_group’, ‘my_settings’, ‘plugin_prefix validate_input’ ); add_settings_section( ‘my_section’, ‘My Settings’, ‘plugin_prefix my_section_callback’, ‘plugin’ ); add_settings_field( ‘ng_menu_html’, ‘HTML Carat’, ‘plugin_prefix ng_html_callback’, ‘plugin’, ‘my_section’ ); […]

Update the value of a constant

I have a file containing all the constants used in the plugin. For example, I have a variable in one of my file define(‘APPOINTMENTS_DEFAULT_ENABLE_PAYPAL’, 1); I have a checkbox in admin area where user can enable or disable the paypal feature. This is the checkbox code: <input type=”checkbox” name=”enable_paypal” size=”40″ value=””/> Issue: Can anybody please […]

Sizing textarea field in custom metabox

Here’s the code for a custom metabox. Very simply, how would I resize the textarea box? I’d like to add an expression such as cols=”50″ rows=”5″. // Echo out the field echo ‘<p>Enter the location:</p>’; echo ‘<div class=”customEditor”><input type=”textarea” name=”_location” value=”‘ . $location . ‘” class=”widefat” /></div>’; echo ‘<p>How Should People Dress?</p>’; echo ‘<input type=”textarea” […]

Refresh page after update_post_meta

I have created a input field on a front-page where the value of the database is on the same page as the input-field. If a value is passed to the database I have to reload the page for it to show on the page. Is there a way where I can automatically refresh the page […]

WordPress (admin) posts search GET request filter

I wrote up a plugin that adds a column to the posts, page table (list) in the WordPress Admin panel. Each row has additional input fields (checkboxes) – allow_comments, allow_pings. These checkboxes are used to update comment_status and ping_status with tick on checkbox via AJAX call. Problem begins when I have big load of posts […]