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Is it possible to install WordPress MU on a subdomain?

Times ago I developed a MultiSite WordPress installation, and now I want to move it from the main root folder to a subdirectory. Is it possible run an MU version of WordPress in a subfolder directory?

I moved my WordPress site to the main directory and now I can't access my admin

I have a site here: that decided to move here: I followed this tutorial: How to Safely Move Your WordPress Site (Without Losing Anything!) I deactivated the permalinks Changed this line: /** Loads the WordPress Environment and Template */ require(‘./new/wp-blog-header.php’); Of the index file located in my root folder (initially I was using […]

How to replace a wordpress installation in root directory with another in a subdirectory?

Someone with a wordpress site in lets say asked me to change the theme, so i thought it would be safer to first create a second wordpress installation in lets say and then, after having moved all of the content to the new installation and calibrated the theme, move the new installation to […]

Installation question

I am a brand new developer to wordpress and about to begin work on a client’s website that is already up and running. The site is very simple, it is more-or-less just a brochure with very little use of the database (only for customer reviews which at the moment only has about 5 reviews) My […]

Installing WAMP and WordPress: Visual Studio 2013 or 2012?

I am following the tutorial for installing and running WordPress with WAMP. In order to download WAMP, it says I must have Visual Studio 2012: VC 11 vcredist_x64 / x86.exe. This computer does have Visual Studio 2013 already installed, will this suffice? Thanks in advance!

What are the pros & cons of a new wordpress installation vs fixing one that already exists?

I am in a dilemma whether Ι should “fix” an installation of WordPress (has the latest core) and redesign (new theme) or start a new one from scratch. The website has about 15 pages and no posts. What are the pros & cons? Thank you!

Installing plug ins on a wordpress hosted site

I’m looking to use my wordpress site as a form to collect information from customers (no need for e-commerce). I have found a great free plug in (Form Maker) but it doesn’t give me an install opion. My domain is currently wordpress hosted ( Will buying my own domain and hosting it on wordpress alleviate […]

What's the best way to install WordPress?

Does anyone know what is considered the best way to install WordPress. Manually or perhaps is using something like Softaculous or QuickInstall the better approach?

Create a development subfolder for my WordPress website

I have a wordpress website which I want to change, and it will takes me some months. My idea is create a subfolder in the root directory where I can set the a clone of my website to make some changes over it and at the same time keep the old website alive. So if […]

What is $tab in `install_plugins_{$tab}` hook?

Goodman asked: When searching for a way to connect an action to plugin install (not activate), I saw two action hooks in plugin-install.php. one is install_plugins_{$tab} and the other is install_plugins_pre_{$tab}. Could you tell me what exactly is $tab referring to in this case? How can I associate my function to the ajax installation in […]