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Importing wordpress. xml file on new installation

I am trying to move a wordpress installation to a new server. I usualy create a new database using phpmyadmin on the new server, import the sql file from the old server, then install wordpress but this time I need to do it with the .xml export feature instead as I have no access to […]

Should I delete automatically-created files before installing WordPress?

I’m switching a site from OpenCart to WooCommerce. I’m trying to figure out what I should delete from public_html and what I shouldn’t. Below are the files I’m unsure about. Some of them were there before I installed OpenCart (years ago), but I can’t tell which ones. Is it ok to delete all of them […]

Issue converting single site to multi-site – blogs.dir folder not created

I have an existing WP install that I’m attempting to convert into a multi-site, in order to set up a development version in a subdirectory (required for testing an SSL on the same domain). I’ve been able to do the initial stages of the multi-site okay, but when I’ve inspected my directory for the blogs.dir […]

How does WordPress process plugin installations?

Please consider that I am not a WordPress plugin developer, but I am maintaining a lot of WordPress websites. In case I have to perform a change to all of them, I will have to log in each site and this is consuming a lot of time. To resolve the problem, I devlop my own […]

How to download WordPress 4.2.0

I am trying to download WordPress 4.2.0, not 4.2.3. I go to the downloads page here Every time I download 4.2 and install it, the admin tells me that 4.2.3 is installed. Why does the link that says “4.2” download 4.2.3? Am I missing something?

CMB2 installation – cannot get it to work

I have followed the documentation on this page: but cannot get it to work. I have gone through other posts with the same issue and tried all of the suggestions and still nothing. This has left me confused onthe installation process. Can someone confirm whether the following code is needed? if ( file_exists( DIR […]

Can I install a new WordPress site inside a sub-directory of an existing WordPress site?

One of my clients has very limited resource. His current WordPress site is installed at via FTP at /public_html: We need to show him a UAT site before replacing the existing site. In the past, we used to create a new site elsewhere and replace an existing site when UAT is passed. This particular […]

Novice WordPress Installation issues

I am trying to install WordPress on I have uploaded the most recent version of WordPress to the server and created a MySQL database. However, When I visit my site, I select the WordPress folder and it gives two error messages: Warning: require_once(/home/username/public_html/wordpress//wp-includes/class-wp-error.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in […]

What causes an Unexpected HTTP Error within install plugins?

Within “install plugins” I’m receiving an error stating “An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request.” When I do a plugin search it throws me back to my site’s 404 page. Any idea what would prevent my site from syncing properly with WordPress’s servers? I added Hameedullah’s code to functions.php and recevied this returned […]

Export all content from wordpress

Evening all. I’ve decided instead of upgrading the install of wordpress that I have, to just take the content (my writeups, comments, pages) and move them to the new site install. Is there an easy way to do this at all, or would it just be simpler to just move the old DB to the […]