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How do I embed a Javascript form directly into a page?

I have a new WP install with the Jupiter Theme installed. I have a contact form created in Sharpspring, a CRM that purports to work perfectly with WP, and automatically generates embed codes for plugging into any page. I’m no JS whiz and can’t figure out how to get the form to actually embed. I’ve […]

How to access my php page in wordpress

I created a services folder in wordpress/wp-content/services. This folder will have web services coded in PHP. But when i try to access the .php file it is being redirected to index.html While checking the .htaccess file i came across the line # ErrorDocument 404 /index.php even though i commented the line the problem is still […]

Best way to integrate existing php application into WordPress

A client of ours has a web application written in PHP, but has commissioned us to develop the front end for the website but wants us to integrate the current PHP web application (a package tracking system) into the WordPress site (our cohoice). What’s the best practice to do this? Making the existing application into […]

there's a way to include a minimal WP for check only the current user, its roles (caps?) and then release/free it?

I need to count how many times a file in a particular sub-directory is downloaded and track who downloaded it. I’m using a Php file to do it, it isn’t a WP file but I need to include WP to get the current user (if authenticated) and its roles (and maybe caps). Looking at Integrating […]

Friendica integration using wordpress authentication

I currently have a BuddyPress community with bbPress forums and a MediaWiki based collaborative area. I’ll soon be adding Friendica support for good integration with other friends Diaspora websites plus other social network integration that Friendica can provide. I basically want Friendica to use BuddyPress for authentication, single sign on. If the user is logged […]

What's the recommended process for organising collaborative posting?

The users over at the scifi/fantasy SE site are getting our blog organised. We definitely need: To know who is writing (or planning to write) about what. What stage (planning, writing, needs-editing, needs-scheduling, scheduled, posted) each post is in. Who is currently working on the post (writing, editing). We started out with a Google Docs […]

Integrate post tags in Post Edit page with qTranslate

Summary In the tags widget in the Post Edit page, I need to know a way to filter through: the tags suggestions the tag terms update when saving or updating the post At least that is what I think I need. My Case I’m using qTranslate (v.2.5.32) to create a multilingual frontend as well as […]

is there a simple way to list every templates / php files used to generate a specific page?

To customize a theme , it is not always easy to trace every files that are used and find out which one do what . For example i’ like to find out how my menu is generated so i can add some conditions to it , and also change the display. Is there a way […]

Is there a way to integrate WordPress within an existing PHP Framework, CMS, and Navigation system?

I am the senior developer of a modular PHP Framework system which provides my customers with a Content Management System (CMS), ECommerce system, and a variety of other modules (slideshows, testimonials, forms, FAQs, etc etc) My framework handles all URLs on the site via an existing .htaccess file and dispatches those URLs to the appropriate […]

How can I integrate pages written in something other than PHP?

In a WordPress blogsite, I’d like to add additional functionality but write it something other than PHP if possible, Python for example. For example, I’d like to create a self-scheduling page for a business so that clients can choose appointment times, and then write an admin side for the business to view and manage the […]