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Integrating WordPress with Your Website

I am intergrating WordPress with a non WordPress site. I have installed WordPress at my and I have followed the codex and I have been able to display a list of posts on a static page that I have on my site at I don’t want the visitors to my site to ever […]

Sessions not creating correctly in custom function

I am working with an external application called The Next Generation of Genealogy Site-Building (TNG) and integrating it into WordPress. It has been an easy matter to get the data to display inside a WordPress Template, and I have successfully integrated the registration function so that when a user registers in WordPress, they are successfully […]

How do I set up a webhook?

I have a simple script that sends Slack messages, runs reports and does other things. I would like this script to run directly based after users purchase something on my site. I do NOT want to build this functionality using WordPress, my goal is to have loosely coupled systems. ENTER WEBHOOKS. Webhooks sound exactly like […]

Using WordPress functions on other sites

I have WordPress, set to multisite with subdirectories, installed at /, and a phpBB forum at /forum. Both sites are visually integrated, and share a common login process. I’d now like to integrate them further, for my ease of administratio; I want to use WordPress’ header image, menu, footer and a few other theme related […]

Restrict access to non-wordpress section of site with user roles?

Is it possible to limit access to a page using wordpress user roles that isn’t included in the wordpress install. For example I have a CS Cart install with only a couple of products but I need to limit access to these pages to certain users. Can I add something in to my CS Cart […]

Reusing header.php from Yii application

I’m building a website that uses WordPress as the CMS and is built with Yii framework. All the business logic works fine. Most visible pages are filled with content from WordPress admin and only the user profile section is built with Yii. My problem is that I would like to reuse the layout of the […]

Can I integrate wordpress with my current website so I can utilize the wordpress plugins?

My current website was created with Xara. I trying to find a way to integrate wordpress without having to redesign my entire site. I want to be able to use word press plugins along with Yoast with my site… is this possible? Thanks for your help.

Integrating WP E-commerce plugin into custom theme

I am getting very worried now, since I’m seeing almost NOTHING about integrating GetShopped’s WP Ecommerce plugin into a custom theme. I’m using all custom template pages, and would like to use shortcodes to display items for sale, shopping cart, checkout links, etc etc. I’ve been to their forum, and cannot find anything about using […]

WordPress and WebRTC?

I’m pretty new to WordPress and I was wondering about WebRTC integration : user permissions, page integration… I’m especially interested in chat communications (writing and audio, video is not my first concern). At the moment the only available plugins are about video communications and use an external solution (service). Does someone have already addressed this […]

What is the correct way to integrate wordpress with another php application?

I want to integrate wordpress blog with another php application so both will have same theme and when i do changes in wordpress menu or wordpress sidebar, the changes will apply automatically to the other php application pages.