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DNS – Change WordPress Site Name?

I’m about to make a site go live, but I realized that WordPress assigned the website name as the IP address under settings. When I try to change it, the website errors out. When I’ve tried to change the name in the past, it gives an error… so I’ve tried a few tactics documentation has […]

redirect to a child theme based on the town of Internet users in france with the verification of the ip address

How to redirect to a child theme and what is the best solution? I have a main theme and a child theme, the main theme will be intended only to the resident of my municipality and the child theme to all other Commons. The goal is to speak only of news for residents of the […]

How to fix IP address issues after server migration

For the sake of discussion and clarity: Old ip = 12.345.6.789 New ip = 98.765.432.10 I created a development WordPress server/site on a local virtualbox machine that had a bridged connection which assigned it a unique IP address. Once development was complete the whole VM was then imported into a production VMWare vServer. I made […]

Redirect user based on his language and country using WPML

I am using WPML as a languages solution in my blog (in my case it’s English and Spanish) I would like to know if there is a simple way of detecting where is a user coming from (which country.. I believe by IP) and redirect him immediately to either the Spanish site or the English […]

Block IP Addresses using Code

Is there a way (which I am sure there is) to block IP addresses using code. I want the code to be in PHP so that I can put it in my child themes function.php to use for block some IP addresses. Thanks

Show a different link based on IP

We provide access to several databases from within the our library, but outside our library users need to go through a verification step. As such we have a different link for some IPs (eg on our network/not on our network). Using PHP we are able to serve the appropriate link, but as far as I […]

IP addresses to block to stop WP auto-update?

I am trying to run WordPress 4.7.0 inside a docker container but the auto-update pushes me to 4.7.3. Now, I am aware that to stop auto updates I’d need to append the wp-config.php file in the back-end, but to do that, i’d need to mount the container and the directory where wp-config.php resides, but I […]

Does WP show me if I'm logged in from multiple locations?

Does word press show me if I’m logged in in another location? Related: Limiting sessions to one IP at a time

Dynamically update Site/WordPress Address

Is anyone aware of a PHP method to use the linux server’s currently assigned IP address as the WordPress Address and Site Address? I’m not too worried about breaking the site, because it’s experimental. This can be done either with the wp-config.php file or the web-view. I’m busy with experimental work where the server will […]

WordPress Multisite domain mapping with different IPs

Hey there, I have 5 different sites with 5 different IP’s on cyberwurx shared account. How can I install wordpress multisite and use the domain mapping plugin and also keep my sites on different IP’s? Any ideeas? Ty!