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Converting WordPress into Android or iPhone app

I’ve had a request from my client to convert their WordPress website into an App for Android and iPhone. I’ve looked around at a number of options and it seems doable especially for just the blog section as it’s the rss that can be used as the db but I’m using the WP site as […]

How can I make a wp site in a mobile application?

Which are the ways and how is possible a wp site become an iphone, ipad, android and a blackberry application(not a wp mobile theme)?

How to create an iPhone app base on the content from a WordPress site? (Just like the one by Mashable)

I have a WP site. Now wanna create an iPhone app base on the content from my site so that the visitors can read my site easier. I wanna create one just like the iPhone app by Mashable (the Mashable should be based on WP) Anyone can advise me how should I start? Or […]

Code Formatted with SyntaxHighlighter Evolved Appearing Incorrectly on iPad/iPhone

I have just started a programming blog and I am using the SyntaxHightlighter Evolved plugin to format my code. On most browsers this is working just fine. However if I attempt to view the site from either an iPhone or iPad the line numbers and code are no longer aligned. Basically the problem seems to […]

How do I make my blog iPad / iPhone / Android friendly?

How do I make sure my blog is iPad / iPhone / Android / touch-device friendly?

wordpress json custom taxonomy problem

I created 1 custom post type with 2 custom taxonomy. Installed and tried to reach result with: well it gives me custom posts but not giving those post’s custom taxonomies “categories”: [], “tags”: [], How can i query custom taxonomies with json api? Actually i am trying to create a simple iphone app […]