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Taxonomy Tag Conditionals

I’m using jigoshop as main ecommerce plugin. Jigoshop use Taxonomies call, product_cat and product_tag. In my theme I use a default (h5bp) 404.php, so every time a tag doesn’t exist I get the default 404. But I need to have a special template that give a THIS TAG DO NOT EXIST how can I do […]

How to modify product page for Jigoshop

Hi I am editing Jigoshop loop-shop.php to create a customize look list and the code is below …. Please do let me know where I can get below things … Add to Cart – Link Only Price Text – List item and Product Description Below is my code of loop-shop.php <?php global $columns, $per_page; do_action(‘jigoshop_before_shop_loop’); […]

Adding my own “add to cart button”

I am using Jigoshop to build an e-commerce site. The end goal is for the front page to have a featured products section. Jigoshop provides a shortcode, but the shortcode defaults to the medium image size. I would like to use the large image size, and so I did a WP_query conditionally to check for […]

How to query a custom post type with a taxonomy filter but display post type archive page?

I’m filtering the main query of Jigoshop with my own taxonomy with this hook (The file responsible for Jigoshop queries that I’m hooking, Jigoshop hooks onto WP ‘request’ filter): add_filter( ‘loop_shop_tax_query’, ‘my_loop_shop_tax_query’, 11 ); function loop_shop_tax_query( $request ) { $region = ‘dublin’; if ( ! empty( $region ) ) { $request[] = array( ‘taxonomy’ => […]

Cache issues with redis and nginx

I have a problem with the rewrite rules in my nginx config file. I am running wordpress with nginx and redis to cache the site. I can get the redis to cache all pages not a problem, but as I am using jigoshop which when you add a product to the basket submits a form […]

Jigoshop and WooCommerce differences

I’m aware that WooCommerce is a fork of jigoshop, and there was some controversy, however now that both have had releases since their divergence, how do they differ in features and direction?