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Is there a default way in wordpress to create a overlay in the dashboard?

Is there a default way in wordpress to create an overlay in the dashboard area? I need a jquery ui dialog to open after a button click. This is how it goes: The button click will fire a PHP function using AJAX, which in turn will make an API call and the response will be […]

JQuery UI not loading without explicit loading of jQuery

I know there are a lot of questions regarding this issue, but I can’t figure out mine here. I’m trying to load the whole jQuery UI ( Actually I need only the Slider ) and I successed. This is my enqueing which is working: wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery-google-lib’, ‘’, array(‘jquery’), ‘2.1.4’); wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery-ui’, ‘’, array(‘jquery’), ‘1.11.4’); wp_enqueue_style(‘jquery-ui-css-google-lib’, ‘’); And […]

Open tab on current day problem jQuery and WordPress

I need to create a tab on custom page template that open the tab in relatinship current day. This is my template page <?php /* Template Name: Palinsesto */ get_header(); ?> <div class=”td-main-content-wrap”> <div class=”td-container <?php echo $td_sidebar_position; ?>”> <div class=”td-crumb-container”> <?php echo td_page_generator::get_page_breadcrumbs(get_the_title()); ?> </div> <div class=”td-pb-row”> <?php switch ($loop_sidebar_position) { default: ?> <div […]

Jquery UI Google CSS, from where?

Here’s the site I’m having problems with: For some reason, my custom theme I created for the Jquery UI is being overridden by the google hosted stylesheet, and I have no idea where in my theme it is referencing the stylesheet. Wherever it is, I need to get rid of it. I’m trying to […]

jQuery UI Tools (Flowplayer) Issues

As great as the jQuery Tools might be they’re giving me a headache. I want something like this for my website. I have the necessary script included (and Scrollable works just fine btw.): <script src=””></script> I followed the minimal setup and also copied and pasted the source code from the standalone version. For some reason […]

jQuery tabs plugin with callback to fetch data

I want to use tabs plugin and load tab contents using ajax. The problem is: the plugin requires a solid .php file to be specified in href e.g. <li><a href=”ajax/content3-slow.php”>Tab 3 (slow)</a></li> You know this does not work well with WordPress. A callback here would have worked. Is there such fork available Or any other […]

jQuery UI Theme that aligns perfectly with the admin UI

Anyone knows a theme that’s not only close (like “smoothness”), but really aligns with the look and feel of the admin UI?

How to add custon UI jquery & Fancybox script to WP

I have a javascript that uses jquery objects to do a number of things first it finds images that are in a table adding these to a Fancybox gallery. This gallery has the Helper buttons allowing the original image to be seen in it’s full size. Secondly it finds tables that are wider than the […]

Sorting WP Auctions by date/price?

I’m using this plugin called WP Auctions with the List plugin, and as you may have guessed, it is to display a list of auctions on a page much like eBay where users can bid on items. It is simple to set up. I just need to activate it and plug in the shortcode. The […]

How To Make Iris Color Picker Showed Up Over Form and Text?

Is there a way to make wordpress default color picker (iris) showed up over form and text using wordpress api? Its inline display messing up the administration page of my plugin each time the color picker box showed up.