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Where to access the available plugin/WordPress updates?

I need to find out where/how I can access the plugin updates in a WordPress site Ideally I want to have these in a json format, with the entire list of plugin updates available. TIA

Creating post content from external web scraper via JSON or RPC

I’m looking for a way to post content from a web scraper external to our WordPress site to post content its scraped into our site. Right now, I have the scraped content formatted into JSON. Could I somehow use the JSON API to post that json formatted data into a WP site, or would I […]

Placing assets for external use

I’m developing a plugin, that is meant to work on external requests to a wordpress site. The plugin will generate a .json file, and will come with 2 default .css style and 1 .css file that will contain the common styling rules (I will combine them later). My concerns stands at, where should I place […]

How to handle shortcodes when using the JSON API

I’m wrangling a little logic problem: I’m making a single page WP theme which uses the JSON API for the content and Mustache style templates for the presentation… However, shortcodes? What would be the best way to handle these? For example: JSON result->template->DOM injection->trigger hijack for gallery/slideshow/whatever the shortcode is? The above method feels a […]

Mass importing json data into custom fields (postmeta)

I am in the process of importing large amounts of data into a custom post type that has several custom fields (postmeta fields created by Advanced Custom Fields). I am using the following function to import the data and it works fine with my test file of about 10 posts with the exception of the […]

WP Rest API v2 return posts with specific tag

I am trying to get posts from blog: which are tagged “appcontent”. I tried this querry:[tag]=appcontent but it I still get unfiltered results. For example, this post: doesn’t have “appcontent” tag but it is still returned. “REST API – Filter Fields” plugin is installed. Could someone help me?

Adding JSON Structured Data to WordPress

I’d like to add some Structured Data, following Google’s recommendations. Following the instructions on their site, it says: Markup is placed inside a script tag in the head of the HTML page. The markup does not have to be interleaved with the user-visible text, which makes nested data items easier to express, such as the […]

Passing JSON data from WP Query into AJAX causing NULL errors

I am currently using a WP_Query that’ll trigger from an AJAX call when a button is pressed. The post meta fields lat lng will be used as location data for a google map. The query outputs fine without AJAX but cannot seem to get it to return the results with it. The response I receive […]

Inserting custom post meta value using WP-REST API

I’m using this tutorial to insert a post via front-end using WP-REST API. I have added more fields to add custom post meta data to the post but while the post is being submitted via the front-end, the custom post meta are not being inserted. I’m not sure where I am going wrong. Form.php: <?php […]

Why does running get_the_excerpt() when generating JSON file take 28 seconds vs. 599 milliseconds without it?

I am using the following code to generate a JSON feed. I need to extract the excerpt from posts, but when I run get_the_excerpt() it takes 28 seconds (yes SECONDS!) to run on my local server versus 599 milliseconds when I change get_the_excerpt() to ‘hi’. Does anybody have any idea why this is taking so […]