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reset password label text change

Please see my screenshot. I want to change the “New Password” label text and “login” text. I used following code to change the hint text. function change_password_hint ( $text ) { if(basename($_SERVER[“SCRIPT_NAME”])==’wp-login.php’ && $text == ‘Hint: The password should be at least twelve characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, […]

Get current menu item label for specific parent menu

I have one custom menu in theme. You can see Buying menu have child archive page. i.e Active Listing. So what I want to do is at the top of the archive page for buying I want to display menu label. Suppose I am on a page I want to show “Active Listing” at the […]

Add Labels to Admin Menu ( How To )

I have a custom post type menu called “Notes”. It has two basic sub menus: add new and show all. But I want to add more items under these post type but the default array just gave me these. How can I add unlimited items? I’m tired searching, but no result…

Change “empty trash” button text?

I was able to find information on how to change the edit views text but so far I’ve come up empty with changing the text of the “empty trash” button. I’d like to change it for my task management CPT to “Empty Archives.” Any suggestions on where to look on how to do this or […]

Locking in navigation labels before changing title?

How can I stop menu navigation labels from changing when the page titles change. I often use a bulk page adder to create the hierarchy I need. However, once I change a page title, the navigation label gets updated as well. Is there any way with code to lock navigation labels titles and separate them […]

How can I change the label “Comments” to “Review” everywhere in the WP installation without translation

Got the way to change the labels everywhere for the post_type “Post”. For a customer site, I need to use the WordPress comments. Just need to change the label from “Comments/Comment” to “Review” everywhere. But where for post_type “Post” we can use $wp_post_types;, what can we use for comments? I tried with $wp_comments, $wp_comment etc. […]

Custom Post Type and taxonomies's labels localization not working

after a few hours serching on the net I decided to ask here my problem. I’m in a multi site environment and I have this custom post type code: $products_labels = array( ‘name’ => _x( ‘Prodotti’, ‘General post type name’, ‘textdomain’ ), ‘singular_name’ => _x( ‘Prodotto’, ‘General post type name’, ‘textdomain’ ), ‘menu_name’ => _x( […]

Error after upgrading WP from 4.0.6 -> 4.4.2: empty value in wp_post_types

I’m attempting to upgrade a WP install from 4.0.6 to 4.4.2. Most of the update went swimmingly, but I’m faced with a pretty cool error message I can’t seem to figure out: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /nas/content/staging/thebaffler/wp-content/themes/baffler/inc/custom-posts.php on line 216 The error seems to be thrown by a theme file that […]

Use translated taxonomy labels in plugin

I’m writing a plugin that works with taxonomy terms. It has, among other things, the capability to create new terms. I’m going to suppose that if users have custom taxonomies, they have taken care of having the singular and plural names set up and translated. The question is: How do I format my plugin messages […]

How can I use a different default admin menu icon for custom post type?

For a particular custom post type I’m setting, I simply want to change the default icon to the wordpress pages icon (menu-icon-page). I know I could upload my own pages icon and point to it, but can I just tell wordpress to use the default pages icon? Here’s what I’m using register_post_type( ‘intranet-pages’, // creates […]