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Is it possible to set a different frontend- and backend-language?

my WordPress site is currently set to “English”. I like the back-end to be completely in English, so it is easier to follow tutorial instructions etc. However, the front-end must be in German due to different reasons. For instance, in need to have lang=”de-DE” in the HTML-header for some plugin to work correctly. Is there […]

load_theme_textdomain path

By default, WordPress loads the .mo file from my-theme/languages or wp-content/langugages/themes. I need to add another path for WordPress in my plugin. For example, WordPress should load the .mo file from wp-content/langugages/my-plugin/. Does anyone know the correct filter?

html lang=“” instead of lang=“en-us” – why?

In a few installations of wordpress, the beginning of the html tag looks like <html lang=”en-US” … despite that in wp-config no language is specified. define(‘WPLANG’, ”); Hovever, in one installation the tag is <html lang=” ” … how would i change that to <html lang=”en-us” …, without changing the wp-config file I’m talking about […]

Multisite use language code as subdirectory

I installed WordPress in the subdiretory /de and activated multisite features. The main blog has the URL/path: Now I want to add a second site for the English language with the following url: But after I added the site, the subdirectory for the English site was set as: Any ideas how I […]

Creating a WP site in Cyrillic

I’m creating a WP website that is in Russian. This is my first website in any language other than English. I’m trying to understand what modifications I need to do to make the website reads in Russian without issues. Note, I do NOT need to have WP Admin panel in Russian, English is OK there. […]

Possible to add a language file to a plugin without adding .po/.mo files to plugin directory?

I need to add a language file to an existing plugin. Not for translation reasons, but because I’d like to change all occurrences of a certain word to something else. While I could just drop another .po/.mo file set into the plugin’s languages directory, I don’t want to lose the language file when the plugin […]

How to set a custom title per language?

I am running Qtranslate for my website. I am very impressed by this plugin. Now my only problem is that I cannot set a custom title and description for my homepage per language. I can only setup one line for the title in the general settings for my website. I have installed Qtranslate META where […]

Where is the right .mo file inside the language repository?

I need to translate my WordPress in Italian. Following the instruction written on WordPress in Your Language, I’ve searched my .mo file inside the Language Repository but I’ve some problems. The folder structure is not as expected, there are lots of folders that don’t make me any sense: branches/ buddypress/ mu/ rosetta/ tags/ trunk/ I’ve […]

Theme's text domain & language.PO file not working

I can’t get my translations to work in my theme. Here is what I have In functions.php, I have: load_theme_textdomain( ‘transparent’, get_template_directory_uri() .’/languages’ ); I have …/theme/languages/transparent-en_US.po, which contains: # English translations for Transparent package. # Copyright (C) 2014 Steven Doig # This file is distributed under the same license as the Transparent package. # […]

How can I customize the upload error message in WordPress?

After following the guide for How can I prevent uploading bmp image? to remove bmp (and in my case tiff images) from being uploaded, I tested and it is working, but noticed users are now getting the error message: Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons. screenshot-with-shadow.png That looks to be […]