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WordPress language switcher doesn't work

I am using WordPress version 4.4.2. The problem I am facing is, I can not change the site language form Settings -> General -> Site language. If I change the language and hit save, the language does not update. I am using Loco Translate plugin. The plugin does not show any warning or error anywhere […]

How can i auto translate titles from any language to english?

I am working on created a simple image bookmarking site with wordpress, currently it has a bookmarklet that allows user to collect images from other domains with one click. This bookmarklet auto-fetches title from the source site and the problem with this process is that many other sites that user might collect images from, are […]

How to setup language of a date in a plugin

I am working on a WordPress theme using a template to manage sports team, matches, players, etc. I settled my local wordpress time in French. In the blog part, no problem the post are displaying date in French. But there is a all part with custom post types managed by a plugin. The dates displayed […]

Redirect user based on his language and country using WPML

I am using WPML as a languages solution in my blog (in my case it’s English and Spanish) I would like to know if there is a simple way of detecting where is a user coming from (which country.. I believe by IP) and redirect him immediately to either the Spanish site or the English […]

Changing the language for each individual site in wordpress multisite

I currently have a multisite setup and I currently have two sites, one is English (default) and the other I want it to be French. Since I can’t have a separate config file and separate language folders I need to be able for each language site to use their respective .po file for the front […]

How to send language string in email message body

I am using wp_mail() function to sending email. I have one static string “Hello Admin”. My clients wants convert this string to language string. So it possible to convert static string to language string while sending email. What I have done so far, please refer my below code. $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); $admin_email = get_option(‘admin_email’); $subject […]

Internationalizing Plugin

I’m gonna deploy my first plugin but the _e() and __() functions seem don’t work. In my comments header: Text Domain: add-to-post-footer Domain Path: /languages I created .po and .mo files with poedit and put them in /languages in my plugin. I translated to portuguese and named as ‘pt_BR.po/mo’. In my option page I have […]

Add language/country code to each possible URL

I’ve been trying to achieve a seemingly simple permalink structure customization without success. The goal is to always have /aa-bb/ in front of each possible permalink, where aa is a language code and bb a country code. Whatever comes after this should behave exactly like it would normally. So where normally you’d have /post-title/, afterwards […]

Translate wordpress date from Italian to English

I’m developing a wordpress based site in English but I’ve installed the Italian version of it… In my blog page, I get dates, exactly months, in Italian instead of English… How can I translate this? Are there other things I must manually translate? For example, where should I translate errors? Thanks!

Switch site language to en_ZA

I’ve translated my site to English/South Africa – there’s different translation for regular English – but I cannot figure out how to switch the site to en_ZA. I have multisite install, and the domain I need to switch the language for is How to do this, any suggestions?