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When I insert media from Library into a post, can I then safely delete that media?

My Media Library is getting cluttered and I would like to start deleting old images. Will doing so affect the posts into which I have inserted these images? Does inserting them into the post copy the images into a different folder? Can I safely delete the “original” from the Media Library?

Front-end CSS Library for plugin

I’m looking for a CSS library that can style elements I display on the client-side (front-end) of a wordpress website. The CSS library needs to be able to work with most of the wordpress themes, which means it just has a list of classes I can use, and doesn’t alter the themes’ global style (see […]

Way to display media library in frontend

Is there is any php code to display the media library section in the frontend? The code should display the full backend media library section to the frontend,like I have the image filter according to the categories and tags upload, edit,delete functions in the backend also needed to show all those section in the frontend. […]

Plugin allowing users to add articles to a library

We are currently redesigning our site (currently on Joomla) to a new WordPress platform and I’m concerned I’m going to lose an important feature. I have a membership based site and one of the features I wish to provide is for members to be able to maintain their own library of favourite articles from our […]

Custom media uploader not showing library

i am developing a plugin that allows upload an image. Actually the plugin works fine it means, that if you upload an image, the image get set in the database, but, not show the images on the library, so, the user must upload the image all times… thats not good… I dont know why the […]

Blank upload.php page

I am wanting to optimize the images that I have previously installed on my WordPress site. I haven’t uploaded any images for a while but now when I try to access the Media Library (Media > Library) but now I am been returned a blank page. Why is this? I desperately need to access this […]

media library not showing thumbnails after deleting full image

I am using a bit of code, that deletes the unneccessary full images after uploading and adding different sizes. deleting function in functions.php: add_filter( ‘wp_generate_attachment_metadata’, ‘delete_fullsize_image’ ); function delete_fullsize_image( $metadata ) { $upload_dir = wp_upload_dir(); $full_image_path = trailingslashit( $upload_dir[‘basedir’] ) . $metadata[‘file’]; $deleted = unlink( $full_image_path ); return $metadata; } So, that works great, but […]

Automatically attach image to post if they have the same title

I have 200 images in my WP install. Currently, each image… has its own post (the post title is the same as the image title) is the featured image of that post is inserted into the post However, the images are not attached to the post. By going to Media > Library > Unattached, all […]

How to allow logged out users to upload media?

How do i allow non logged in users access to the media library for uploads? I am making an anonymous blog, i got posting with images to work, but i need the media button above the editor to work so people can upload documents, mp3 and html5 video. I am also using to comment attachment […]

Where to save common libraries?

I have a multiple-site WordPress install. I have decided to centralize as many of my libraries as possible into one spot, for obvious organizational reasons, and in order to reduce bloating. Many of those libraries can be used both in plugins and themes. My first idea is to create a ‘myLibs‘ (or other name) directory […]