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Disable edit option in Media library

Hovering my mouse over a file name or a thumbnail brings up the Edit option, I want to know is there any hook to disable all edit links in Media library on Multisite

Too much recursion error when chosing image from image library for two different meta boxes in one post

There must be a solution for this. I am using this solution for chooosing images from media library. THE PROBLEM: I am using two meta boxes for custom post type “products”. First consists of two metafields what is for adding two addition product pictures The second one is for creating a simple gallery for […]

Including a 3rd party library in WordPress which needs to be accessible by wp-config

I’m attempting to use the Defuse encryption library in WordPress: I’m using this guide as a resource for how to implement it: My question is, if my wp-config file requires access to a library, where should I put the library and require the file? Long description of problem: In the tutorial it says […]

Prevent WordPress from generating medium_large 768px size of image uploads?

I have followed guidelines to prevent wordpress from generating many different sizes for individual images uploade via the sizes for thumbnail, medium and large to 0 in Settings>Media and have gotten rid of all instances of add_image_size and set_post_thumbnail_size in the functions.php file of my theme. However, when I upload new images, WordPress is still […]

Image dimensions same as image size

So if I set the large image size in the media library to say 600×600 pixels, and then upload an image which is the same dimensions it won’t get set as the ‘large’ image. There is talk on this question about it being the ratio, but I don’t think this is the case. Also I […]

Attach Files Metabox

Does anyone happen to know how to create a simple “attach/browse” button that can be placed into a metabox which upon clicking it would open a lightbox where the user would be able to view all the media files, tick the ones he wants to attach and click an “attach” button on the bottom. After […]

Update media library files after upload via FTP

I had to upload many files massive and directly to /wp-content/uploads/[year]/[month]/ but those files does not appears in Dashboard>Media>Library Is there a way to update or refresh it to load those files or it’s simply happening because it should have been writen also in database and I avoided it? In this case, is there a […]

Where to put third party PHP library?

I’m developing a couple of open-source plugins and a theme (all part of a “suite”) that all use the same third party PHP library. I’m wondering what is the best way to include it in WordPress. Here are some thoughts: put it in one of the plugins and require that plugin to be installed and […]