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Hosting plugin with excanvas (dependency of flot, jqPlot and more) in official repository?

Considering using flot for graphs in plugin and a little lost with dependencies and licensing here. WordPress repository demands GPLv2-compatible. flot is under MIT license, which is GPL-compatible. flot uses excanvas (for IE compatibility) under Apache License 2.0 which is compatible to GPLv3, but not v2. So is or is not flot compatible to repository? […]

Does WordPress have to be released under the GPL?

WordPress uses MYSQL, which is released under GPL. So I think Workpress MUST be under GPL. But my friend said WordPress doesn’t include MySQL program when it released, so it can be released under other license, and don’t need to open source. Which is correct?

extended MIT license

I’m currently developing some plugins. Due to the fact that they should also be available via the plugin repo, i need to license them properly. My decision so far is to use a modified MIT/Expat license, which is compatible to the GNU GPL license. I modified/extended the license in two places (bold quote parts). […]

Licensing of freemium plugin

I know this has been discussed elsewhere before but still it is not clear to me. I am currently investigating how to publish a freemium plugin: The free edition is a fully functional plugin, that I intend to host at and license under GPLv3. All of the code and assets is my own work […]

Licensing: Can I include SWFs without source in a plugin released on

Suppose I create a WP plugin that includes a couple of SWFs that I create (not third-party SWFs). According to , if I want to publish that plugin on I have to release it as GPLv2 or compatible. The first question is more theoretical: Do I have to release the source code for […]

Can I license my WordPress Theme under the GPL 3.0?

I notice that WordPress uses the GPL 2+ license. Can I release my free theme under GPL 3.0, since that’s the most current version? Would it create compatibility issues? Thanks!

Does releasing a plugin under the AGPL force people to open source their whole WordPress installation?

I’m thinking about releasing a plugin under the AGPL license. Would this force people to make public the source code of other unrelated parts of their WordPress installations? (I’ve tried to read the AGPL license but I’m not sure.) For example, if they install my AGPL plugin, would they have to make available the source […]

Properly licensing a plugin that uses Apache 2.0 licensed code

Am developing a plugin that I would like to submit to the repo. It’s dependent on Apache License 2.0 code, so I know I should license my plugin with GPLv3 – it’s allowed. So, how do I properly license my plugin? Obviously I should include License: GPLv3 in my plugin’s header, but it feels […]

How do you protect a premium theme from being copied?

I’m thinking of doing up a couple of premium themes, and selling copies of them. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I have a couple of questions. I appreciate that this is mainly a forum for asking technical questions, so if anyone wants to point me in the direction of somewhere that might […]

Is the content of a WordPress blog GPL?

I would like to ask if the content of a wordpress blog–not the theme, but the actual entries–are GPL? I would like to be doubly sure before I create a wordpress account. Please note: I have no beef with GPL, and respect that some people like it. I simply prefer things that aren’t put under […]