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License of the used Bootstrap Theme is not GPL compatible

I have made theme using material design html & css But my theme is no getting approve because License of the used Bootstrap Theme is not GPL compatible, see How can i solve this issue?

Licensing a Plugin

I am developing some paid for premium features for my plugin which is already available in the WP Repo. What are the best ways to validate licensing etc. for premium features? I want to continue to use the repo so “calling home” is not an option as it is against plugin guidelines. These features are […]

Is it fair to use MIT licensed code in WordPress plugins?

Is it fair to use an MIT licensed jQuery library inside a plugin and then sell it as a freemium plugin on

Can I use Symfony components in a plugin that I want to submit to the WordPress plugin repository?

Can I use Symfony components in a plugin that I want to submit to the WordPress plugin repository? I do not want to be rejected because of the license.

Can i legally remove a credit from a free plugin on

I am using this accessibility plugin: I didn’t like to logo in the bottom of it that adds a link to the plugin site so I removed it via css. But I couldn’t find anywhere any clarification on this, how the plugin is licensed, and can I just remove the logo without worrying of […]

Possibility of including third party software/plugins in the WordPress repository

I’ve been looking into using the WordPress Repository for one of my larger plugins, the problem is that it’s using a lot of third party software. Video players/Slide scripts/Jquery includes, some of which are commercial in nature. My question is related to the content that differs from the GPL v2. Id like to include those […]

How to license my commercial WordPress theme?

I am planning to sell themes on Themeforest… But i don’t have any idea about Theme stuffs… I include some third party stuffs like jQuery, BootStrap, etc., I will include their license. No problem with that. But what about my work? What license should i use for premium WordPress theme? Is it ok to sell […]

Royalty-Free Sliders used in theme development

I am wanting to develop a premium WordPress theme, and would like to know what is the best way to go on choosing a slider. I’m not skilled enough yet to write one from scratch. The ideal situation for me would be to use a Royalty-free slider (slides.js?) and then create different designs from that […]

is it legal to charge for wordpress multisite?

I want to create a wordpress multisite and charge my members a monthly fee to use it. Is this okay under the license agreement?

Custom license for WordPress plugin

I am developer and I have a plugin. My plugin is free for everyone ( everyone can download it from WordPress plugins repository). But I need to add only one restrictions to my plugin license: I don’t want that any user or developer will put his credits on my plugin. Wich license I have to […]