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How to get rid of Ellipsis on Woocommerce Theme

As the picture says I am trying to remove the three dots that follow the end of the blue sentence (shown in the photo). I am also trying to increase the numbers of characters it can reveal. Furthermore, for some reason, the blue text shows “&” and “&nspb” symbols at the end of some excerpts, […]

How can I set a maximum allowed post size and number of posts submitted?

How can limit the size of posts that authors can create on my WordPress site and the number of posts they can create?

I want to show my post for limited time, how is it possible?

I want to make one website like a newspaper, so i want to show my daily post for one day or limited time, after one day previous post will go to archive and no longer show on web page, how is it possible?

Single Time Login HELP

I am developing a software on wordpress. i want restriction on Login. if a user login for 1st time, he should not be allowed to login 2nd time. i am working on a software where user should not be allowed to login again to duplicate entries.

Allowed memory size exhausted. WordPress side solution

I’m getting a well known error from the question title. The problem is, website is running on a shared server and I don’t have access to php.ini file. I’ve set `php_value memory_limit‘ inside .htaccess to higher value. I’ve set WP_MEMORY_LIMIT inside wp_config.php to higher value. phpinfo() says that max_execution_time is set to 30 and safe_mode […]

Limit blogs creation

someone knows how to limit the number of blogs creation in a wordpress multisite? (3.6.1). In the wordpress plugins repository there is this plugin, but It doesn’t work, I think it’s not up to date. Any suggestion would be appreciated, thank you very much.

How to solve Woocommerce Memory Limit

I have Woocommerce set up to run on WP multi-site with my PHP Memory Limit set to 256M in the php.ini I also have in my wp-congif.php define(“WP_MEMORY_LIMIT”, 128); However Woocommerce shows the following “WP Memory Limit: 12 B – We recommend setting memory to at least 64MB.” How can I solve this

query post limits

function posts_limit_fn($limit, $query, $custom_limit = ”){ if($custom_limit !== ”){ return $custom_limit; } return $limit; } this piece of code is executed into an AJAX function add_action(‘wp_ajax_search_query’, ‘search_query’); $queryString = array( ‘s’ => $searchTerm, ‘cat’ => $categoriesIDs, ‘post__not_in’ => array($excludedPost)); if($queryString != ”){ add_filter(‘post_limits’, ‘posts_limit_fn’,10, 3); $custom_limit = ‘LIMIT 0,4’; apply_filters(‘post_limits’, ”, ”, $custom_limit); $query = […]

Why is my max_upload_filesize being limited to 2M?

This question already has an answer here: WordPress media upload limit? 4 answers

Show ellipsis (…) only if the number of characters exceeds limit defined in substr

I’m limiting the number of characters in the title with substr. But even if the title is less than 50 characters, being shown the ellipsis (…). I would not display the ellipsis if the title does not exceed the limit of 50 characters. $title = substr( $title, 0, 50 ) . “…”; Title of my […]