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Get the name an the description of a link category

I have a link category with the id $id=23; and the slug $slug=friends;. I managed to read all links from that category using get_bookmarks($id). Now I also want to use the name and the description ob the link category. How geht I get these values? I tried for example: $cat = get_the_category($id); $output .= “<p>Description: […]

How to add classes in the wp_list_category parent link

How do I add classes in the wp_list_category , I know the wp_list_categories(‘title_li=’); generates classes , but I want to add a class in the parent category link <ul> <li><a href=”#”> link1</a> </li> <li><a href=”#”>link2 </a> </li> <li><a href=”#”>link3 </a> <—how do I add a special class here <ul class=”children”> <li><a href=”#”>link3 children </a> </li> […]

How-to get the get_category_parents() breadcrumbs trail without link on last item

Just a question : I want to use get_category_parents() to display a breadcrumb on a category archive page, but with no link on the current displayed category (SEO purposes, because they say that’s a link to itself. I’m not sure search engines are that stupid, but anyway). Like this : link_home » link_cat1 » link_subcat1 […]

Search form with Category and Sub Category

How to create WP Search Form with Category and Sub category for illustration a search form (for search title Book=title post) With condition By Keyword, By All Category and Sub Category selected Where, Sub Category (CD, PDF, EPub,…) I Look Around for a Week but unsuccessful, Help me , Please … => For My Client […]

How to get WooCommerce Product Category Link by ID?

WooCommerce’s product categories are a custom taxonomy called product_cat. In a function I’m writing, I’m using get_categories with the taxonomy parameter set to product_cat. Everything works fine and I can get the term id, the name, and even the slug. What I can’t figure out is how to get the link to display. Apparently get_category_link […]