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Creating custom post type posts and associating them with a post from another custom post type

I’ve created two custom post types — one for Activities and one for Places. Any post under Activities needs to be associated with a Places and I was wondering what the best approach would be in order to accomplish this. Ideally, I could create a new Place and use the Post Title when adding the […]

How to link keywords in custom fields?

I have come across different WordPress plugins that will automatically link/hyperlink keywords–to external links–every time they appear throughout posts. Here’s an explanation of what I mean: Site page 1 content: Georgio went to the store after he stopped by to see how Nichols was doing. Site page 2 content: The cat was afraid of Georgio […]

Internal Links that Automatically Update

I am currently building out a big site with a lot of content right now and am struggling with an aspect of internal linking. I had assumed I’d find lots of people with the same issue, however as I can’t easily find a plugin to do what I need, It seems not! A simple example […]

Include drafts in internal link dialog

Ok, so I’m doing a new project and we’re going to be using WordPress as a magazine CMS. In some cases we’ll have a cluster of articles about a topic and it will be natural to link from one article to another. So, here we are in final edit in WP. We want to add […]

Remote install won't find Parent theme when intalling Child Theme, but local install does

On my localhost wordpress install I am using a Parent Theme called “Tesseract”, and a Child Theme called “Tesseract-child”. Now, I want to deploy my code on a remote WP install and, for some unknown reasons, I am running into problems. On the remote install, the Parent Theme, “Tesseract”, installs fine and is listed among […]

Use WP 3.1 Internal Linking 'widget' as a meta_box

There is lots of information out there on how to customize meta boxes added with add_meta_box(), such as enabling WYSIWYG editors on textareas and uploading images. What I have yet to find is a way to reuse WordPress 3.1 Internal Linking feature. Many of my custom fields contain urls to other pages on the site. […]

Assets in css dont link properly in pages other than home

Hello I have a small issue regarding my linking in my style.css For example: @font-face { src: url(‘wp-content/themes/mytheme/fonts/font.ttf’); } and .div { background: url(‘wp-content/themes/mytheme/images/img.png’); } My home page works perfectly, assets link correctly but when I go to another page such as “about” the links are broken because it does this: Anyone know why […]

linking pic previews to posts

This site is a twentytwelve child theme, and it’s located at I’d like to link the pictures on the post previews (on the homepage) to the actual post — right now when i click the picture, it is not linked. Only the title text is linked. I like that, and I’d like to also […]

How to find all links between pages

I’m trying to have sort of a functionality that will let me find all internal links on my site that are pointing to a page. i.e – I want to know all pages on my site that are linking to (any) page in my site. I tried to find sort of a ready made plugin […]

How to add a link in a image's caption?

I would like to add a link to the caption of a photo in one of my posts. I can type in the HTML for the link in the caption, but when I publish the post the link gets removed. How do you add a link to a caption? This would be really useful for […]