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Assets in css dont link properly in pages other than home

Hello I have a small issue regarding my linking in my style.css For example: @font-face { src: url(‘wp-content/themes/mytheme/fonts/font.ttf’); } and .div { background: url(‘wp-content/themes/mytheme/images/img.png’); } My home page works perfectly, assets link correctly but when I go to another page such as “about” the links are broken because it does this: Anyone know why […]

linking pic previews to posts

This site is a twentytwelve child theme, and it’s located at I’d like to link the pictures on the post previews (on the homepage) to the actual post — right now when i click the picture, it is not linked. Only the title text is linked. I like that, and I’d like to also […]

How to find all links between pages

I’m trying to have sort of a functionality that will let me find all internal links on my site that are pointing to a page. i.e – I want to know all pages on my site that are linking to (any) page in my site. I tried to find sort of a ready made plugin […]

How to add a link in a image's caption?

I would like to add a link to the caption of a photo in one of my posts. I can type in the HTML for the link in the caption, but when I publish the post the link gets removed. How do you add a link to a caption? This would be really useful for […]

Blog.php or how to display recent posts?

I created a home.php which doesn’t display the recent posts in the standard-blog-style. Just have a look at my website to see what I mean. I want to create a link that leads to something like “http://…./blog” where the recent posts are displayed “normally”. I know how to do that, but what I don’t know […]

Link section within page with slash (/) and not hash (#) without reloading the page

So here is a requirement: Client wants a page template where there is two level menu on left side of the page. That menu can link to any page, post, category or a section within same page. The menu which links to a section within same page should be slash linked and not # linked […]

Problem with guids and absolute links

Post and page guids include the full absolute URL of my site (e.g. This causes a problem if the domain, or wordpress path changes, or if I’m viewing the site via its IP address rather its domain, etc. Problem 1: there are some internal links on my site that are using the guid. I’m […]