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Dynamic logo/banner depending on affiliate link

i am building an affiliate site using woo commerce and wp affiliates. There will be a network of 20-30 affiliate sites linking back to main site. I need to display the logo/banner of the referring site on the main site. So if a user is referred from Widget Maker 1 website to the main site […]

Link from navbar to categories

I have a navigation bar in homepage. I don’t want show categories in navigation bar. I also do not want use a dropdown menu. I just want to have a link to a page that show all categories. I want when clicked a link in this case categories, my categories show like below: but don’t […]

Custom Fields Question

I’m new to wordpress and I am trying to understand these custom fields. I read the wordpress codex page refering to custom fields but I have some questions. I take for example my site. I created a custom field named “country_flag”. I want this custom field to store for every post a link to a […]

redirect “about author” code to about page

I’d like to redirect/change this code <a href='” . $wp_about_author_author[‘posts_url’]. “‘ title='”. $wp_about_author_author[‘name’] .”‘>”. apply_filters( ‘wp_about_author_name’, $wp_about_author_author[‘name’] ) .” </a> So instead of the link from the author’s profile ( at the bottom of his blog entry) going to the author’s list of blog posts, the link goes to the author’s about/profile page Here’s the […]

Renamed my website (URL) – how do I rename all within-page links to the old URL?

A while ago I renamed my website from to . My problem is that sometimes – for some IFrames and some images – the URL that is linked to is still the old one ( An example are the IFrames on this page: Is there a way of renaming all these internal […]

Page to show a link to every file in an directory

I have a file on my server with a large number of PDF files in it (more than 100) and I wish to have a page on WordPress that shows a link to each of these files (say sorted alphabetically by the name of the file). I obviously don’t want to have to do this […]

How to download files to WordPress?

How can I download file to wordpress? I mean, we have a link of a file for example which is a large file. So I’m not able to download it to my computer, then upload it to wordpress. Is there anyway or plug-in to download it directly to wordpress website? So wordpress server will […]

Highlight archive link on single.php

exist some chance to highlight archive link in classic wp archive widget on single.php template? I have the same template for archive.php and single.php where I call <?php wp_custom_archive(); ?> It’s customizated wp archive with highlighting current links (placed in functions.php): function wp_custom_archive($args = ”) { global $wpdb, $wp_locale; $defaults = array( ‘limit’ => ”, […]

Previous and older set of posts links

I can’t seem to display previous and older set of posts links. This is the page I am working on. I need a link to older and newer posts at the bottom of page. The template code is like this: <?php /* Template Name: artikkelit */ ?> <?php get_header(); ?> <div id=”primary” class=”content-area”> <main id=”main” […]

Relative URLs within site

I want to link to a page inside a website so the url I want to link to is this: when I set a link like that: <a href=”about-us/team”>Our Team</a> It doesnt work. I get to the site: http://about-us/team Is there a solution to that? The reason why is because after the Website is […]