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Wp_mail() function not working in Windows and MAC OS

Not getting mails when sent from Windows OS and MAC OS but getting when sent from Linux OS. I tried sending mails from LINUX OS,Windows and MAC OS LINUX sending me the mails as it should do but windows and MAC failing to send the mail I am getting Mail sent successful message, but not […]

Plugins & backup not working correctly on new Digital Ocean server

So I just fired up a new Digital Ocean droplet running Ubuntu 15.10×64 and I’m setting up a WordPress environment. I am setting it up from scratch without a WordPress image. I followed a lot of the tutorials on Digital Ocean to get setup, and the site is running pretty well. I did not setup […]

What's the proper way to setup WP-CLI on Ubuntu so that I don't have to use the flag –allow-root?

I have an Ubuntu server, typical LAMP stack with default www-data as the user / group under which Apache serves files. When updating with WP-CLI I always have to type –allow-root flag. How do I avoid this? If I do what the software suggests then sudo -u www-data -i — wp <command> throws an error: […]

WordPress monthly upload directory owner set to root

This is a weird one. WordPress by default stores uploaded media in monthly sub-directories of the uploads directory. Eg wp-content/uploads/2016/07/ On one of my sites, this directory’s owner gets set to “root:root”, which means that nothing can be uploaded to the directory via the web server. Any ideas what might cause this behaviour? I can […]

enable SFTP via SSH keys in wordpress

can anyone help me define(‘FTP_PUBKEY’,’/home/use/.ssh/id_rsa’); define(‘FTP_PRIKEY’,’/home/user/.ssh/id_rsa’); define(‘FTP_USER’,”); define(‘FTP_PASS’,”); define(‘FTP_HOST’,’′); install at located home/user/wordpress keys located at getting incorrect keys keys permissons 600, 600 folfer 755

SELinux security vs WordPress updates

We have a quite huge WordPress multi-sites installation with lots of themes/plugins. So we often have new available updates (core/themes/plugins). We don’t use automatic updates : AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED is true DISALLOW_FILES_MODS is false Indeed we use a security system on server side (Security-Enhanced Linux) that prevent file modification. We have to do the updates manually, by […]

Which Apache-modules must I enable?

I’m running a VPS with Ubuntu 14.04.4 x64 and Apache 2.4.7, and would like to set-up a WordPress site on it. Which apache-modules must I have enabled – and which should I enable (eg. for cool WP-features)? Are there any modules I absolutely should not enable?

What user should I use for wp-cli on Ubuntu VPS

I have set-up my first VPS (Ubuntu). Apache 2 and php were pre-installed, I was able to install wp-cli, but it is kinda useless for me know. I am getting user permissions error. For example when I run wp core download I am getting an error Error: /var/www/ is not writable by current user I […]

How can I add a row in a table from a Linux Shell?

I’m looking to do some scripting here so I can easily just have an application or script automatically add a row for me without needing me to use the UI and do it manually. Is this possible?

Sharing one WordPress installation between several “sites”?

I’m running a VPS with Ubuntu. I’ve installed the LAMP-stack, and would now like to make a couple of blogs/sites using WordPress. I’m thinking about creating new users for each blog and making a public_html directory for each user. This way each blog could be reached with http://mysite/~some_blog. Space is however at a bit of […]