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Filter authors on meta value

I have added a section to my user profiles called ArtistCategory. This can be value X or Z. I’m using the code below to get a list, which I use in a menu and show after the artists display_name the artists ArtistsCategory. So far so good. I would like to filter the query by […]

I'm trying to create a custom version of the wp_list_authors function that includes custom post types

I’m trying to create a custom version of the wp_list_authors function that includes custom post types. I have 3 authors on the site I’m working on ( Two of them only post regular blog posts and the third only posts recipes which is a cutom post type I created because I wanted it to have […]

wp_list_authors() returning the wrong member url

I’ve recently started work on a site which includes both BuddyPress and bbPress. When I use the wp_list_authors() function the list returned to me links to each author’s BuddyPress profile. Disabling BuddyPress makes wp_list_authors() link to the author’s bbPress forum profile page. How can I ensure that wp_list_authors() returns links to each author’s standard author […]

How to do a WP_User_Query in WordPress 3.0.1?

How do I query a list of authors / users in WordPress 3.0.1? I’d upgrade but my theme doesn’t support WP 3.2.1

Custom Author Loop

Essentially what I’d like to do is have the same effect as the wp_list_authors tag, but instead of just listing the name or their post count, I want to be able to do a loop with the IDs. Ultimately I’d like have to a page with every author, with their name, description, avatar and link. […]

Authors Page : A page of authors

I’m looking for a way to create a parent authors page and then use the author.php for the individual author pages. I’ve been out of the loop (no pun) for a couple months and am wondering the best way to do it.

Author's Id from wp list authors function

I’m new in wordpress. I want to display all author list with its ID. I’m using wp_list_authors function but didn’t get any author id from the author list. So, How can I get Author’s ID in listing of all author?

Get List of all the Authors

How could i get List of all the Authors? author.php file shows the Information about Individual Author. for example: that returns the Bj’s Profile. if i enter it returns 404 Not Found Author page shows author’s avatar, Author’s Name and description. how can i list out all the authors? Need Help!

What does the class look like that is returned from WP_User_Query?

$wp_user_search = new WP_User_Query( array( ‘role’ => ‘author’ ) ); $author_list = $wp_user_search->get_results(); foreach($author_list as $author) { // author properties? } Can you point me in the direction of the documentation of what properties $author has?

Different values for get_author_posts_url and get_the_author (posts 2 posts)

Caveat- I’m not a programmer, I’m a designer that has taught myself basic php/wordpress theming. This is a very specific question, I realize, but I’m hoping the experts can help me find some universal principle I’ve overlooked. I am using the plugin posts 2 posts to generate a relationship between the CPT “speakers” to wordpress […]