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WordPress for a business catalog site

I am completely noob with WordPress so I apologize in advance if my questions sounds completely stupid. Background I have a small business catalog site that I wrote long ago in plain HTML. Now I want to add some SEO and improve the design therefore I am looking to use a CMS for easy content […]

How to display posts by current user/author in a custom page template?

I am a trying to create a dashboard like custom page template that list post of of the current logged in user. I’ve tried to find a solution on the net. but none were appropriate

WordPress product catalog site

I need to create an e-commerce site with WordPress, but not 100% e-commerce. It is just a catalog site without shopping cart. Users can see various products on the site, for example, car showcase website. I am a newbee to WordPress. To build such kind of site: What is a good start point to study? […]

List Child Pages of Parent Parent Page (Child pages from Grand Parent)

OK I’m doing a a menu (sidebar menu) that will display this all child pages of parent page (currently open) Parent |-Child 1 |-Child 2 |Child 3 but in same time when someone is in bolded page (child) will see the same thing Parent |-Child 1 _ _|-Child 1 _ _|-Child 2 _ _|- Child […]

How only display all post related to category

I’m trying to make a custom template for my category pages that only pulls in post under a specific category. At the moment, I am only able to pull in all post and not category specific… My code so far…. <?php //Identify current Post-Category-ID foreach((get_the_category()) as $category) { $postcat= $category->cat_ID; $catname =$category->cat_name; } ?> //Print […]

Listing of all uploaded files in network sites

Can I list all files uploaded by users in Network sites? In Multisite each user can manage their files with their own blog but the Super admin can’t monitor all the uploaded files…how can i do that?