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Dynamic dependent Dropdown lists for categories, sub-categories and posts

I’m using WordPress 3.5. I need a way to implement a code or plugin to allow users to navigate through posts using dependent(chained) dropdown lists. In other words I would like 3 dropdown menus to be dynamically populated based on the selection chosen in the previous dropdown lists. This would consist of: Dropdown 1: Category* […]

Editing a list of several fields

I need to edit a list of quotes. Every quote consists of a (short) text, author’s name, author’s title. What is the best way to create an editor of such data in WordPress? It seems that the simplest solution is to create a custom post type. Should the quote text become the title of a […]

WordPress' visual editor messing up my (nested) lists (and other things as well)

I always have trouble trying to create some nested lists in WordPress using the default editor in visual mode, since I want to avoid the HTML extra work. Even though I write the HTML myself in the HTML editor mode, the page sometimes will not listen to my HTML and change things as it wants. […]

Add link on the top menu of the post table?

Is there any way to add links on the top, as pictured below?

Any way to inherit methods from both my plugin class and WP_List_Class?

So WP 3.1 introduces the fancy WP_List_Class() causing me to rewrite all my custom admin tables. Fair enough. But…in the good’ol days, i was able to call my plugin methods using $this->method() as i included the page file within the method that got hooked to via add_submenu_page(). That was nice and somewhat elegant – or […]

display archive as collapsing links

I would like to output the following – 2015 -October – my post is good – another post September – 2014 – January -February I want to be able to output a nested listed of the archives – note: I am not using widgets so will be code if possible. I can handle the expand […]