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Moving a local installation to the server – settings not working on server?

I moved my local WordPress to the server and some of the theme settings as well as settings I made for plugins locally are not working on the server. This is what I did: Uploaded the local code to the server Exported my local database and replaced the local URLs with the server URLs Imported […]

Design problems when exporting remote database for local development

A remote host is running WordPress 3.6.1, and WordPress needs to be upgraded. The plan is to make a local copy, do the upgrade of files and database, confirm things work, and then publish this local copy to the remote server. I’ve tried a few different methods. The first was downloading a cPanel file backup […]

Installing a theme on localhost, Ubuntu 16.04

I am using the LAMP stack, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS version. I installed WordPress and am trying to install a theme which I have in a .zip file When I try to install the uploaded theme (where WP clearly says I can upload a .zip file if I have it), I keep getting the following error […]

Staging sites era: does it still makes sense to develop locally?

I have started years ago developing locally on my PC WordPress sites using WAMP & XAMP, as this provided multiple benefits, however now that staging sites are being offered by hosting providers, I wonder if it makes sense to keep developing locally. Main advantages developing on staging sites: Faster! My local WAMP install is SLOW, […]

Moving WordPress from live to local server

I have a wordpress install that I have been working on and now I want develop the install on my local server. I have downloaded all of the site files and added it to my local server directory. I also exported the live database and import into the local install’s database. The only credentials that […]

Making WordPress Local Again?

I’ve been working on a WordPress site for a while and have gone to make it live this afternoon. After following this tutorial video (, I went into settings on my localhost installation and changed them to my live site, therefore my local WordPress installation no longer works. Is there an easy way to access […]

check if a file in a plugin folder exists from a locale installation

I need to check if a file exist in my plugin dir: if (fileexists) { … } else { … } However, if in place of fileexists I use file_exists(WP_PLUGIN_DIR . “/myplugin/myfile.ext”) it returns always true, whereas if I use file_exists(plugins_url( “myfile.ext”, __FILE__ )) it returns always false, irrespective of the argument I use is […]

How can I deploy my InstantWP site to a live website?

I know it’s not supposed to work like this and that InstantWP is made for testing and not for an actual website, but I didn’t know it when I started out and after two months of work I just can’t throw it all away and start over. Is there any way to transfer what I […]

Can I host WP-admin locally for a remote blog?

I’m having an issue where my theme creates a pile of images sizes on uploads (because it’s supposed to), and my server periodically gags on the process. It’s resulting in a pile of “MySQL server has gone away for…” problems, and I end up with media uploads that contain no data. A dedicated server isn’t […]

Using page-id-{ID} from body_class() in local dev, versus live staging

Not sure this is a question suitable for this forum, but I’ll try: I think it is pretty convenient targeting elements in css/jQuery for a specific page by using the page-id-{ID} generated by body_class() in a template. But this gets problematic when developing on a local dev machine and then transfering to a staging server […]