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Why do I get a WAMP homepage when clicking on specific website's URL on LocalHost?

Using WAMPSERVER for windows 7, smartgit and Safe Search Replace I have pulled a wordpress code from my git, downloaded a database and inserted into my localhost‘s phpmyadmin. My home page works but when I click on one of the links I get the WAMP homepage. What am I doing wrong? I have tried the […]

Localhost wordpress site redirects to public site

On my Mac, I modified the VirtualHost: <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot “/Users/me/Documents/github/gps_cms” ServerName gps_cms </VirtualHost> That is so I can type gps_cms in URL and invoke the web page on localhost. However, when I type in: http://gps_cms/wp-admin It redirects to my main site: And the content on page is this: No Update Required Your WordPress […]

Moved wordpress from localhost to live and wp-admin shows white screen

Hi I developed a website in wordpress on my localhost then moved it to a live server. Everything is working fine except wp-admin. When I go to domain/wp-admin it shows a white screen. Yet when I go to domain/wp-login.php it allows me to login to the admin. Also if I try to create new post […]

Maintenance holding page while migrating website

I was hoping someone might be able to help me with the right procedure for establishing a holding page while migrating a local WP site to an already live server. I know there are lots of maintenance mode plugins. However, if I’m migrating/replacing WordPress files on the server and migrating the database, won’t the plugin […]

WordPress custom permalinks not working on OS X localhost

When changing premalinks, none of the pages and links are not working except home page 🙁 Result are shown below. Thanks in advance.

How to transfer /wordpress folder from one PC to another

I am currently developing my own website, and I am hosting it locally using WAMP. I thought that if I want to copy the website on some other PC I just have to copy the /wordpress folder to the /www folder of WAMP on the other computer, but seems like that’s not working at all […]

How to make other computer in local network see my theme

I have made WordPress Theme and have 2 themes in repository. So, I do not hard code my themes and pretty well how to use WordPress Theme goes to online. I use WAMP server with and my local IP is Everything is ok in my computer. Other computer, try to see my […]

Permalink /%category%/%postname%/ returns 404 on OSX

I’m on OSX 10.8.4 with a pretty standard installation of WordPress 3.6.1 under the local OSX Apache/MySQL. If my permalinks are set to /%category%/%postname%/ I get a 404… This is working on the live server which I think is running CentOS, so it’s definitely something wrong on my machine. I don’t have any custom post […]

Can't see login page after migration

I already have an existing website on live server. I want to setup on local machine. Following Steps has been taken: Download whole website Place whole code under htdocs/mywp Change the database file. replace all link from to (my local IP) Import the database and change the wp-config file Deleted .htaccess file Now, […]

Copying theme from Localhost to Live does not copy all theme settings with it?

This has happened on a number of occasions now where I move my site from Localhost to Live environment and the theme settings such as the logo, and other settings are not copied with it, so I am almost have to rebuild the site twice sometimes. Responsive is one example where this is happening as […]