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Why isn't my imported database showing up? install.php pops up and adds new tables to the database

I imported my live sites sql backup into xampp. I have named the new DB ‘wordpress’ and configured wp-config with db-name ‘wordpress’, user ‘root’, pw ”. Then I went to localhost/wordpress and it prompted me to install.php and I entered site name, user, pw, e-mail etc. I then logged in and noticed my posts were […]

Transfer wordpress site from web server to localhost

I recently started a wordpress blog. I manually installed wordpress on the server. But I want some changes to my blog, so I want to do them offline(Localsystem). I transferred my files to localhost. After transfer I opened in the url “localhost/blog” main page is showing. When I click the categories section it is redirecting […]

Alternatives to site_url() and get_template_directory_uri()

The problem I’m having is that my WordPress is set up on localhost, but when I view the site from another computer, “<?php echo get_template_directory_uri();?>/image.png” will return “http://localhost/wp-content/themes/Theme/image.png” which of course doesn’t load. But it all works fine when the WordPress is viewed locally, or put onto a web server and viewed from any computer. […]

How to transfer from localHost to live but use the already existing database on the server?

I have been developing a WordPress website for a client, working from my own machine utilizing WAMP to create a local environment on which to work. Now, the problem is that the website needs to go live. I understand how to use an FTP client, and that’s not a problem. I have the details for […]

My wordpress site is using local ip to point to jquery and other files, how to fix it?

I installed WP on my Raspberry Pi using this guide : I did not do the last part about permalinks yet. Problem is, when I navigate to my site using my local network, all works well, then I try from the internet, and it takes ages and only shows text, no styles etc. found […]

How to customize a site hosted on locally

I have a website on Is there a way to download it to my localhost, customize it and then upload it back to Thanks

I want to edit it on my laptop as a child theme and transfer the files to my server. I don't know how

I have big gaps in my knowledge and right now I know I’m doing things wrong, and I want to buckle down and fix that. I have a wordpress site using the “shape” theme, and I directly edited the code in the theme to make it do what I wanted it to do, and whenever […]

Design problems when exporting remote database for local development

A remote host is running WordPress 3.6.1, and WordPress needs to be upgraded. The plan is to make a local copy, do the upgrade of files and database, confirm things work, and then publish this local copy to the remote server. I’ve tried a few different methods. The first was downloading a cPanel file backup […]

Developing on localhost remove “index.php”

I am trying to develop WordPress on my local Ubuntu laptop. On the remote production and staging servers, I can access a page like this via the browser: On my local machine it is: http://localhost/index.php/somepage/ Most things work fine, because local permalinks just contain the “index.php” part (and I’m not working on code, not […]

Where can I see MySQL hostname and port for wp-config.php

Right now in my wp-config.php I have this line: /** MySQL hostname */ define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost:3306’); I see that the default installation of WordPress configures the file just with the host, not the port. Why is there a port added there and where can I see how it connects to MySQL database? Is that configuration just […]