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WordPress Translations

I’ve just recently learned about .po and .mo files in WordPress Themes. My question is, are these files supposed to be used to translate page and post content or just the WordPress backend along with Plugins?

Plugin translation ready – mo file not loaded

I try to localize my plugin. in the plugin php file my-plugin.php I have the textdomain Text Domain: my-plugin and the action on “plugins_loaded” // load textdomain on plugin function my-plugin_load_textdomain() { echo ‘<script>console.log(“fired”);</script>’; if (load_plugin_textdomain( ‘my-plugin’, false, dirname( plugin_basename( __FILE__ ) ) . ‘/languages/’ )) { echo ‘<script>console.log(“ok”);</script>’; } else { echo ‘<script>console.log(“not”);</script>’; } […]

using Options Framework – can “theme-textdomain” domain be changed?

I’m using the Options Framework in a new theme. I would like to use the theme name as the domain for the localization functions such as __() and esc_attr(). But the localisation functions in the Options Framework source files have the domain set to ‘theme-textdomain’. I’d rather use the theme name as the domain. Is […]

Change post date format to hebrew calendar

I’ve a wordpress site with Arabic language, it display the date of post using Gregorian calendar like this 24 فبراير 2016 in hebrew calendar it would be 24 شباط 2016 how can easily do this on any theme ??

User specified Timezone

After a lengthy break from WP i’m getting my hands dirty with quite a complex plugin which is coming along nicely, but right now i am at the point of needing some advice on quite a complex issue: Project Outline Plugin is multi-functional with the core element being that it is a members based system […]

Localization of WP theme

I am working on WP theme localization. On custom search template I have function which gets text of some search terms and replace them with other (just visually). function search_replace_search() { $search_term = esc_attr( apply_filters( ‘the_search_query’, get_search_query( false ) ) ); // Get search term $search = array(‘word1’, ‘word2’ ); $replace = array(‘something 1’, ‘something […]

Plugin not properly prepared for localization

I published my first plugin ( on and I get this notice about it not being prepared for localization, even though it’s perfectly translated when I use it in the admin. I’ve read through the how to internationalize your plugin guide and I can’t put my finger on anything missing from the plugin. My […]

Override plugin text domain in child theme

I have a plugin YITH Wishlist in use and I want to override their translation with my own translation which I have included in my child theme. So basically I created this folder: /mychildtheme/languages and placed this file in it / yith-woocommerce-wishlist-de_DE.po. Within my functions.php I did the following: add_action( ‘plugins_loaded’, ‘yith_load_textdomain’ ); function […]

redirect to a child theme based on the town of Internet users in france with the verification of the ip address

How to redirect to a child theme and what is the best solution? I have a main theme and a child theme, the main theme will be intended only to the resident of my municipality and the child theme to all other Commons. The goal is to speak only of news for residents of the […]

Can the qTranslateX-Plugin translate non-article text?

I started using the qTranslateX plugin for a bilingual WordPress site, and I am very happy with how it translates posts and pages. However, there is some text on the site that was entered as part of a widget, and I need it to be bilingual too. Can this be done? If not with qTranslateX, […]