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Custom Post for Locating by Google Maps API

How do I set up a custom post so that it can be proximity geolocated with Google Maps API?

Create multiple Search functions for posts / custom post types and everything

I’m currently working on a search function in a wp site. The plan is to have a search function on the news page which just searches posts. I’m achieving this by adding the below to my functions.php file: /* search just posts */ function SearchFilter($query) { if ($query->is_search) { $query->set(‘post_type’, ‘post’); } return $query; } […]

I have geocoded posts with latitude longitude – How to search by radius?

I have posts which are geocoded with latitude and longitude from Google. I basically can enter an address in a post custom field and the latitude and longitude are placed into two separate meta fields. I’d like to create a custom search letting visitors search their zip/postal code and find the nearest locations. I’ve found […]

Optimizing a Proximity-based Store Location Search on a Shared Web Host?

I’ve got a project where I need to build a store locator for a client. I’m using a custom post type “restaurant-location” and I have written the code to geocode the addresses stored in postmeta using the Google Geocoding API (heres the link that geocodes the US White House in JSON and I’ve stored the […]

How can I implement a location based (zip code) search in WordPress?

I am working on a local business directory site that will use custom post types for the business entries. One of the fields will be “Zip Code.” How can I set up a location based search? I’d like visitors to be able to enter their zip code and choose a category and show all the […]