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Logging Count of Those Who Read Whole Post (ie reach the bottom)

I want to log when a visitor to a post reads to the bottom. I figure the code would work similar to an infinite scroll (measuring window and the location of an element in that window) but I don’t know where to start.

PHP logging framework to be used with WordPress

There are different PHP logging frameworks out there e.g. Log4php, KLogger. I want to choose one based on its experience with WordPress. Please suggest me one.

$wpdb->insert Database Error Duplicate Entry Error Logging

Is there an equivalent to INSERT IGNORE in the wpdb class? As I’m fetching and inserting a twitter feed and the field in which I store the tweet ID is keyed UNIQUE, I am aware that duplicates are going to occur and do not need WordPress informing me of them in my PHP error log. […]

Control verbosity level of WP DEBUG?

I’ve been at a loss so far and so I thought I’d pose the question: Is there a way to modify the verbosity level of the WP debug.log via wp-config.php or elsewhere? Just an fyi, here is what I have in my wp-config.php to enable logging: /////////////////////////////////////////////////// // DEBUG // Enable WP_DEBUG mode define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); […]

Log of Heartbeat Calls

I’ve read that Heartbeat can slow a WP site down and I’m assuming if our admins/store managers have a lot of admin windows/tabs open, this will exacerbate the issue. If yes, is there a condition to test and log the calls that Heartbeat makes so I can see if the site slowdown could be related […]

Custom and browser agent logging in wordpress

I wanted to log browser agent, screen size, timezone (including current system time). This is my first go at any web server (wordpress is my first install). I wanted to do this without plugins by editing the httpd configuration file. Can someone please guide me? Also I was reading Apache documentation and there was a […]

Using separate Apache log files for multisite

A while back I left Blogger and downloaded my blogs to my system. I hosted them there with each individual blog as a VirtualHost for a while. Later, I imported them into WordPress and am hosting them from WP now. When I was hosting them locally as virtual hosts, I had each one use a […]

Keep Users Logged In As Long As I Like

I’m implementing a Kiosk webapp based off WordPress and I have some conditionals which are key, they work based on whether user is logged in or not. I’m aware that after user clicks “remember me” it will keep them logged in for 14 days. However, I want to keep users logged in for as long […]

Core framework/helpers for logging stuff?

I’m writing two plugins at the moment which need to (optionally) log stuff…lots of stuff…somewhere. Since i don’t like the ‘you need to have proper permissions in this and that folder’ messages of some plugins, ideally, i’d like to do it in the database. But before i start creating my own db tables (which is […]

What is the best way to monitor PHP functions/executions?

I am trying to find the best way to monitor which PHP code/functions, MySQL requests and/or plugins are slowing down pages on a site. I know there are a bunch of different options out there including wordpress plugins and solutions involving firebug (firephp) but what do you guys feel is the best approach? Personally I […]