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Creating login session via CURL

Using the following code I experienced some problems: Login works but every link in the dashboard I will click will follow into the 404 not found page. It seems that there won’t be a working session created? $username=”admin”; $password=”admin”; $url=””; $cookie=”cookie.txt”; $postdata = “log=”. $username .”&pwd=”. $password .”&wp-submit=Log%20In&redirect_to=”. $url .”wp-admin/&testcookie=1″; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt ($ch, […]

Unable to access website admin page – 500 error – how to change landing page

Help is required to solve a problem created by a stupid mistake. Our website is hosted by Godaddy and created with WordPress. It had been set up and running smoothly for long. Recently We wanted to keep the website down for some time as we wanted to modify some contents. So with a “brilliant-idea-moment”, using […]

WordPress shows registration link for non logged users

I have a WordPress site and I want to add a registration link for visitors. So, I added a menu item called ‘REGISTER’ with the following link: The problem is that this link opens the registration form for both users and visitors and I want to show it only to visitors.

Redirecting or displaying a message on first login

I’ve been trying to decipher a way to display a message to a user on first login and can’t seem to get it to work. I’m not sure what I’m missing, or if there’s something else I need to do. Any help would be appreciated. I feel like I missing something here. function ap_new_user_message() { […]

How to edit comment_reply_link

I was editing a wordpress theme. Where i need to replace default wp login link with custom login link. Problem is, comment_reply_link() function is returning the default link. And i dont want to edit wp-include/comment-template.php Is there any other way, so that without manipulation of any wordpress file i can replace the default login url. […]

wp-login.php redirecting to HTTPS

I recently restored a WP multi-site 3.0.1 database from production to a staging environment, and when I try to login, I am being redirected to an HTTPS URL. The browser complains that the certificate is bad, and then when I click “proceed”, it says page not found. I have cleared my browser cookies and all […]

How to determine if an admin is logged in outside the loop

I need to be able to tell if an admin is logged in ouside of the loop. This is needed for some php files that are part of a WP site but do not use require( ‘../wp-load.php ); What I need to do is keep the Google Analytics tracker JS from firing for logged in […]

Preexisting login to change to logout link in sub menu

I am using twenty twelve with a child theme. I have a link in my primary nav menu where I have an link for “My Account” which has a sub menu with a “Login/Register” link that redirects to a modified wp-login.php. Is it possible for me to turn the “Login/Register” link into a “Logout” link […]

Custom Login and Registration form in Ajax

How to create the custom login/Registration form using AJAX.

Change sign-on URLs for security purposes

For security reasons, it should be possible to rename login.php to something different, and change other access shortcuts (eg: wp-admin) to point to the new URL. Is there a documented best practice for this? If not, what would the most correct methodology be? I appreciate that this is not security per se, just obfuscation, but […]