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Change avatar on themed profile page

I’m using the Theme My Login plugin and trying to allow subscribers to change their profiles to one uploaded from their computer. I’ve tried the following plugins: Simple Local Avatars User Avatar WP User Avatar Avatar manager I can get the file upload form to appear, but when clicking upload or update profile, the avatar […]

How can I change the email sender name from wordpress to (myblogname) on the “lost password” email?

When a user loses their password in wordpress, you are prompted to enter your email or username. When the password reset email has been sent, it displays “wordpress” as a sender name. I want my website or blogname to replace that instead. I would rather send my own personal email and link to the users […]

Changes only show when logged in?

Changes I’ve made to my site only show when i’m logged in. According to various other threads it seems to be a problem with cache, however, i’ve completely deactivated my W3 cache plugin, and the problem still isn’t resolved. Any ideas?

Can't Login to WordPress, No Data Received Error

I can’t login to my WordPress dashboard. When I go to and enter my info, it returns a page that says “No Data Received: Unable to load this page because the server sent no data.” I’ve looked on the WordPress forums and Google and here, but I haven’t found any answers as to why […]

Custom PHP Page Using WordPress login

I created multiple PHP pages linked to WordPress’s DB, where I created a specific table to get information from a posted form. I want people to login using their WordPress credentials to access the page where I show the content of this table. I tried this: //wp-admin //Setup location of WordPress $absolute_path = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]; $path_to_file […]

Disable site visiting and user logins excepting for a specific user

I want to disable temporarily site visiting and user logins to a multisite blog for the site maintenance time, excepting for super-admins and for a specific user. I found this function (thanks @joshc) and it works very well, but I don’t know how to add the specific username to it so it can visit the […]

How do I hook my function to run only after submitting login form

I’m new to wordpress. I’m writing my first plugin. I don’t understand how to have my function run only after submitting the login form while not running every time I refresh the login page. I tried with authenticate filter. But my function runs every time I refresh the login page. I don’t understand why authentication […]

Blank page when viewing wp-admin

I just add new user for my website and everything went perfect. Suddenly when I am trying to go to it only shows a white blank page and redirect to this address : How can I fix this? Any help will be appreciated

Timezone Change Locked Me Out?

I have a weird issue: I changed my timezone, hit “Save,” and was immediately logged out of the admin panel. Now every time I try to access the dashboard after logging in I’m immediately logged out. My editor has not been effected by this—apparently it’s only my account. I’ve searched Google, the support forums, […]

wp_login_url not working correctly

I’m working on a project where I need to add a custom link to admin menu, and I’m using the following code for it: $login_url = wp_login_url(); add_options_page(‘Login’, ‘Login Page’, ‘manage_options’, ‘loop.php?url=’.esc_url($login_url).”); Here’s a thing. The above code is adding following URL to menu: Instead of: What’s different? It’s generating the URL with […]