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How long do users stay logged in if they DON'T check remember me?

As the title states, I’m wondering how long users stay logged in if they don’t check the “Remember Me” option. I’ve heard that if they DO check it, it keeps them logged in for 14 days. But what if they don’t? I’ve tried closing my browser and opening it back up, but the user stays […]

get_permalink not fetching correct pages

I am developing a WP site locally on Xampp. I am using the following code to add a styled login/out button to the sidebar: add_shortcode( ‘my_login’, ‘my_login’ ); function my_login() { if ( is_user_logged_in() ) return ‘<a href=”‘.wp_logout_url( get_permalink() ).'” title=”Logout” class=”button login”>LOG OUT</a>’; else return ‘<a href=”‘.wp_login_url( get_permalink() ).'” title=”Login” class=”button login”>LOG IN</a>’; } […]

login logout menu changes in wordpress

I am new to wordpress ,i use login and logout in my site,i already create pages for login , logout and register ,i wants to create 2 menu in navigation bar . one for register and another one for login and logout , before login 2 menus(login and register ) should visible and after login […]

wp_logout not redirecting using wp_logout_url() and wp_redirect()

I have written this function for loggin user out. The user is loggin out but not redirecting to the page instead goes to home page which default logout Url. i have tried wp_logout_url() and also wp_redirect(). function wc_registration_redirect( $redirect_to) { wp_logout(); wp_redirect( ‘/my-account’); exit; }

Logout Redirect and also WP-login.php Redirect

I am not very advanced in php. I have this function that prevents wp-login.php access with redirection add_action(‘init’,’custom_login’); function custom_login(){ global $pagenow; if( ‘wp-login.php’ == $pagenow && !is_user_logged_in()) { wp_redirect(‘’); exit(); } } from here -> Disable Or Redirect WP-login.php which is actually redirecting and not allowing access to wp-login.php, which is the first thing […]

Force Users To Relogin

I need a solution that i can use to force a user to logout via the admin panel of word press any help on this would be appreciated.

How to use wp-login.php page only for logout?

On my website I have removed wp-login.php to disable the login from default wordpress login window. Then I installed Social Login plugin, users are able to Login properly by using this plugin. But if they click on Logout button, they will be taking to the 404 page, since Logout URL is nothing but a parameter […]

Deleting cookie to logout

Would be potential problems if I delete wordpress_logged_in_47d1523b… cookie using javascript? Is there something additional that wp_logout does?

Add logout link when logged in, make it disappear when logged out?

I am trying to display a logout link when users are logged in and make it disappear when they are not logged in. The code I have so far works for the login and register links due to a plugin that I have installed, so ‘login’ and ‘register’ disappear just fine, now for logout I […]

How to remove 'wordpress…' text from page titles in tabs

I am working on a site and sometimes I run into an error when logging out and on the site tab it says ‘WordPress Failure Notice’. I am trying to remove all instances of wordpress so users dont know Im using it, but I can not figure out how to remove the text from the […]