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Flatten media files in uploads directory via linux terminal eliminating thumbnails?

I need to get the source files (the initial files I have uploaded) of my media library flattening the directory structure and getting rid of the smaller images created by wordpress using linux/mac terminal. uploads/2017/12/some-image-150×150.jpg uploads/2017/12/some-image-360×240.jpg uploads/2017/12/some-image-720×900.jpg uploads/2017/12/some-image.jpg to this: uploads/some-image.jpg

Multisites, upload issues, and iOS!

This question has changed significantly. I have the latest version of WordPress and am hosting it on an Apache server. Link to Blog: Now, here’s the thing. When I upload a video to WordPress it will play on a Mac in Firefox with the WordPress URL the item is given (ex:″ provider=”video). In […]

Permalink /%category%/%postname%/ returns 404 on OSX

I’m on OSX 10.8.4 with a pretty standard installation of WordPress 3.6.1 under the local OSX Apache/MySQL. If my permalinks are set to /%category%/%postname%/ I get a 404… This is working on the live server which I think is running CentOS, so it’s definitely something wrong on my machine. I don’t have any custom post […]

WordPress Permalinks on Mac OSX Server 5 (El Capitan)

I have multiple sites running on a Mac Mini server running OSX Server (El Capitan). I am running WordPress on one site and have not been able to get the permalinks work properly. I followed the instructions in this post: I have my web root folder set at /Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites I created an .htaccess in […]

How to remove “Connection Information” requirement on localhost install of WP on MACOSX

I’ve just installed XAMPP on Mac OSX and when trying to install a theme or plugin in WP admin, I’m getting this screen. I’ve never gotten this on my shared hosting account. how to get rid of it on localhost?