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Wp_mail() function not working in Windows and MAC OS

Not getting mails when sent from Windows OS and MAC OS but getting when sent from Linux OS. I tried sending mails from LINUX OS,Windows and MAC OS LINUX sending me the mails as it should do but windows and MAC failing to send the mail I am getting Mail sent successful message, but not […]

WP Ubuntu/Mac image conversion differences

On my local Mac when i upload a image it gets converted into a 300×300 thumbnail which looks good When i upload the same image on my ubuntu based production server the quality is worse than my local mac and the image file size is larger. Does anyone have an idea why that is? The […]

Permissions in a Local Dev Environment (OS X)

I wanted to enable WordPress auto-updates to work without FTP, so I added: define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’); to my wp-config.php. So in order to grant write privileges to WordPress’s auto-updater, I ran sudo chown -R _www:_www [wordpress-project-folder]. I’m using _www instead of www-data, because I read that it’s OS X’s equivalent. However, now anytime I modify a […]

Can you create a local wordpress network / multisite install on a mac with subdomains?

Is it possible to create a local wordpress network install on a mac (10.6) using mamp with subdomains? I have tried following some instructions I came across while googling, but apache seems to get hosed when I create virtual hosts. I came across another set of instructions that said only subdirectories will work on a […]

Different development environments (Mac & Windows)

I am trying to synchronize development between a Windows user (WAMP) and a Mac user (Regular Apache). Windows User (me) Since I use IIS I need my port 80 so I have changed the ports on WAMP to :666. So the url to the WordPress is http://localhost:666/projectname/ Mac user He has the site on a […]

Moving online website to MAMP or dumb idea?

I was thinking of doing some major design (incl child theme and plugin stuff) on an existing site which is rather large. I’m thinking it would be good to do my trial and errors offline and having a MAC thought that it would be good to do this with MAMP. For those from WordCamp, I’m […]

Flatten media files in uploads directory via linux terminal eliminating thumbnails?

I need to get the source files (the initial files I have uploaded) of my media library flattening the directory structure and getting rid of the smaller images created by wordpress using linux/mac terminal. uploads/2017/12/some-image-150×150.jpg uploads/2017/12/some-image-360×240.jpg uploads/2017/12/some-image-720×900.jpg uploads/2017/12/some-image.jpg to this: uploads/some-image.jpg

Multisites, upload issues, and iOS!

This question has changed significantly. I have the latest version of WordPress and am hosting it on an Apache server. Link to Blog: Now, here’s the thing. When I upload a video to WordPress it will play on a Mac in Firefox with the WordPress URL the item is given (ex:″ provider=”video). In […]

Permalink /%category%/%postname%/ returns 404 on OSX

I’m on OSX 10.8.4 with a pretty standard installation of WordPress 3.6.1 under the local OSX Apache/MySQL. If my permalinks are set to /%category%/%postname%/ I get a 404… This is working on the live server which I think is running CentOS, so it’s definitely something wrong on my machine. I don’t have any custom post […]

WordPress Permalinks on Mac OSX Server 5 (El Capitan)

I have multiple sites running on a Mac Mini server running OSX Server (El Capitan). I am running WordPress on one site and have not been able to get the permalinks work properly. I followed the instructions in this post: I have my web root folder set at /Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites I created an .htaccess in […]