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WordPress website keeps loading the maintenance page

I was developing a new WordPress website so i added this function at the end of the “functions.php” file to redirect all users to a /maintenance-mode page in my website except me(My IP-Address): function wp_maintenance_mode() { if ( !is_page( 2075 ) && $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] != “” ) { wp_redirect( home_url( ‘maintenance-mode’ ) ); exit; } } […]

I'm hiding site with index.htm but now I can't get to index.php

I am trying to work on a new WordPress-site on the web. I am ‘hiding’ the site by putting up index.htm in the home-directory so that visiters see this html with some text about ‘maintenance‘ and not the WordPress-site. But now if I go to it redirects to and shows the index.htm. I […]

What are the best practices for maintaining and deploying several parent themes?

I’ve been trying to commission a freelancer to make me a custom website and hit a roadblock when I said I wanted a parent theme. The freelancer strongly preferred to make a child theme based on his self-made, free go-to theme that he updated frequently. Justin Tadlock did a great writeup on Frameworks? Parent, child, […]

How to do big modifications to live site?

How do you make large site wide modifications to your live site without bringing it down? I don’t have a team of web designers and will be doing this solo. But still need to keep the site up and running. I’m implementing some changes to the current responsive web design. Some changes will cascade across […]

How much maintenance is required to run a WordPress server?

I recently started a blog at, but I am considering moving to a self-hosted WordPress to get access to plugins such as MathJax and Markdown and probably several others I will discover along the way. I am reluctant to do so, because running at my own website will inevitable require some maintenance (I will […]

How can I permanently cache or “archive” a WP blog without needing future maintenance

I have a client who has an annual complete makeover of their website design and content, but they still want their old sites available to view (each with that year’s respective design/CSS). Once these blogs are “archived”, I don’t want to have to maintain them any more w.r.t. updating plugins and core files. Previously, when […]

How to handle support for a non-technical client

I am wondering how most WP freelancers handle general maintenance for their non-technical clients. A small to medium sized business may have someone with technical knowledge who can handle upgrades, plugin installs, etc. For a one person shop where they have no experience with WordPress, or any CMS, how do you handle maintenance? I assume […]

Can I update themes without enabling maintenance mode?

I would like to update only themes in my WP without enabling maintenance mode. Is it possible?

Why would a WordPress site go into maintenance mode without me doing anything?

This morning, my WordPress site went into maintenance mode without me having updated anything, and stayed there for about 10 minutes. What could have caused this? I have automatic security updates turned on, could it be that?

Under which circumstances is the .maintenance file not deleted?

When WordPress does plugin/theme/core updates, it creates a .maintenance file which temporarily puts the site in maintenance mode. Sometimes this file does not get deleted and users are locked out of their site (until they search and find that they have to delete that file). As plugin developer it’s frustrating because I regularly get blamed […]