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Maintenance holding page while migrating website

I was hoping someone might be able to help me with the right procedure for establishing a holding page while migrating a local WP site to an already live server. I know there are lots of maintenance mode plugins. However, if I’m migrating/replacing WordPress files on the server and migrating the database, won’t the plugin […]

How to limit WordPress pages during updates?

I will be doing upgrades to the design and content of my WordPress site. During this time I only want the homepage to be available. Is there a good way to lock this down (through a plug-in, etc.). I’m having trouble coming up with answers from Google. Thanks, Jason

Programatically switch page template?

I want to build a very simple toggle for taking my site down into a maintenance mode. To do that, I want to add a admin area to define a template that is the maintenance page, and allow that page to override the database defined template when maintenance mode is switched on. How can I […]

Should I add sharing buttons using a plugin or directly in my theme files?

This question relates to plugins for Linkedin Share buttons, Twitter Tweet buttons, and Facebook Like buttons. These are for blog posts on a WordPress blog which is at a subdomain of a site that is built in CakePHP. Considering the possibility that plugins can become outdated, and that if this happens there is a possibility […]

Could a higher number of registered image sizes affect performance?

This question is related to this one, but is a bit different. In the layout (archive page) for a WordPress project I’m working on right now there’s a couple of image sizes that do not appear anywhere else. They are quite (by tens of pixels) close to the sizes that we already have registered — […]

Site Stuck in Maintenance Mode

My site is stuck with the site undergoing maintenance-error. The usually fixes have not worked (no .maintenance file to delete, plugins all check out) It seems that it is a problem with the theme but the developer says that it all checks out. I’ve tried several installs of wordpress and the theme, many hours with […]

Editing Pages that Have Already Been Published

Sorry for the simple question. I’ve published a page. Let’s say that I now need to make changes to the page. Can I simply edit it, after it’s been published? Or should I use a maintnenace mode? If someone tries to view the page at the same time that I’m editing it, will they be […]

Is it possible to us WP Core Maintenance Mode for short pause while a plugin runs?

I’ve written a plugin to manually (admin button push) delete several hundred posts that are created by another plugin. That other plugin creates posts based on an external API. I’m running into a situation where occasionally the API plugin is starting to creating new posts midway through the deletion. I’m wondering if there is a […]

Can plugins become obsolete?

I presume WordPress plugins are made by third parties. Do plugins have to be kept up to date with WordPress upgrades? Can plugins become obsolete? If they do become obsolete, say with plugins for Linkedin Share buttons, Twitter Tweet buttons, and Facebook Like buttons, would switching to different plugins cause the count of likes / […]

How can I easily verify a core or plugin update has not broken anything?

I’m looking for ways to make updating WordPress less frightening for me. I created around 30 company websites based in WP in my career and I feel somewhat responsible for them in regards to security. Even if clients don’t pay me for maintenance – clicking the “update” button every few months shouldn’t be a big […]