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Alternative to WP Remote – manage multiple WP sites in a dashboard (updates, plugins…)

Do you know of a (possibly free) alternative to WP Remote? It would be handy to have a dashboard to manage many WordPress installations across multiple domains. They have no privacy policy, privacy gaurantee, or terms of use in any form on their website; and I’m not keen to jump on their bandwagon if they […]

Can I check which users ran which updates?

We have a site that was previously updated to 4.8.0. Two of us who normally perform updates did not have the right permissions to run the 4.8.1 update. Using wp-cli wp core update Error: Could not create directory. I did successfully run the update after a setfacl command. I’m trying to determine who and when […]

Filter custom comment type from Manage Comments & Dash Widgets

I use comments with a custom comment type in my plugin to notify users of various events created by the plugin. The problem is I don’t want these cluttering up the standard comments so I need to filter out those custom comments from the manage comments screen as well as the recent comments dashboard widget. […]

What is the Better way to manage posts in WordPress?

I am looking for a plugin or a “tool” that would mod the administration interface and would allow me to mass edit the posts. Currently the posts are paginated by 20 post per page, if i have to turn 1000 post into drafts or delete them – i have to browse multiple pages. Same for […]

Archiving annual festival site

I have a query regarding managing a wordpress setup, I am sure others have been in a similar situation and was wondering what would be the best solution. I manage an annual festival’s website, each year has a different theme / design and event details, this is archived each year [ ie at etc.] […]

Efficiently manage a huge number of blogs given server-side restrictions

I work in a company that is built around selling the customers WordPress blogs for a monthly fee plus some up-front money for design work. The boss envisions that we will have several thousand customers, each paying something to the tune of twenty EUR per month, all handled by a single IT person working normal […]

How properly delete only one site (blog) from the Network in WordPress Multisite (WPMU)

I have a Network with ~30 sites. And I need to delete only one of them. Could you please tell me how should I delete properly only one site from the Network WordPress Multisite (WPMU)? Because when I have done it in the admin area side the site was deleted from the admin but the […]

WP plugin management

We have a wordpress MU install, one thing I’m missing is some sort of plugins version management. Currently, when auto-updating a plugin, I need to place full trust the developer that the plugin won’t break anything, something I’m not always 100% comfortable doing. Is there any kind of plugin manager or plugin deployment process that […]

Recommended Books on WordPress for Management and non-Developers?

I’ve had a few non-technical clients have a tough time with WordPress’ admin UI. One of them asked me today if there were any books that could help someone like him – someone who is only concerned with writing content. All of the WordPress books I’ve seen are either targeted toward developers, or have a […]

Is there any central control/access panel for several WordPress sites?

We have many WordPress sites on different hosts with different domain names. Is there any solution for accessing all posts and settings with a central management tool? It’s been very hard for us to open 10 sites in 10 tabs and set one desired configuration in all of them. I know that WordPress has a […]