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What is the Better way to manage posts in WordPress?

I am looking for a plugin or a “tool” that would mod the administration interface and would allow me to mass edit the posts. Currently the posts are paginated by 20 post per page, if i have to turn 1000 post into drafts or delete them – i have to browse multiple pages. Same for […]

Archiving annual festival site

I have a query regarding managing a wordpress setup, I am sure others have been in a similar situation and was wondering what would be the best solution. I manage an annual festival’s website, each year has a different theme / design and event details, this is archived each year [ ie at etc.] […]

Efficiently manage a huge number of blogs given server-side restrictions

I work in a company that is built around selling the customers WordPress blogs for a monthly fee plus some up-front money for design work. The boss envisions that we will have several thousand customers, each paying something to the tune of twenty EUR per month, all handled by a single IT person working normal […]

How properly delete only one site (blog) from the Network in WordPress Multisite (WPMU)

I have a Network with ~30 sites. And I need to delete only one of them. Could you please tell me how should I delete properly only one site from the Network WordPress Multisite (WPMU)? Because when I have done it in the admin area side the site was deleted from the admin but the […]

WP plugin management

We have a wordpress MU install, one thing I’m missing is some sort of plugins version management. Currently, when auto-updating a plugin, I need to place full trust the developer that the plugin won’t break anything, something I’m not always 100% comfortable doing. Is there any kind of plugin manager or plugin deployment process that […]

Recommended Books on WordPress for Management and non-Developers?

I’ve had a few non-technical clients have a tough time with WordPress’ admin UI. One of them asked me today if there were any books that could help someone like him – someone who is only concerned with writing content. All of the WordPress books I’ve seen are either targeted toward developers, or have a […]

Is there any central control/access panel for several WordPress sites?

We have many WordPress sites on different hosts with different domain names. Is there any solution for accessing all posts and settings with a central management tool? It’s been very hard for us to open 10 sites in 10 tabs and set one desired configuration in all of them. I know that WordPress has a […]

Managing WP Core & Plugin Updates for Clients

I’d like to know how you go about managing WP Core & Plugin updates for clients? It’s a service my web company would like to start offering but we are unsure of the best solution. Let me provide some details: The sites we build are under Version Control (Git/Github) Our process typically involves 3 environments: […]

How can we make managing lots of pages in WordPress Admin better?

WordPress obviously comes from a blogging background but can be used to serve sites with a lot of Pages. However, where it falls short for me is not in regard to performance but in the Admin area’s handling of lots of Pages, child pages etc. It quickly becomes a chore to move through the list […]

What tools are available for managing/writing to WordPress?

Aside from the actual WordPress dashboard, what tools are available for writing posts, moderating comments, and otherwise administering your site? Please identify whether you’re referencing a desktop tool, a web-based tool, or a mobile tool.