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Map clashing with WP – suggestions on fix?

I’ve followed this tutorial – to create a state map of USA which you can see here – I downloaded the source files and got it all working locally then uploaded all the files to the link above. It’s almost working but the hover doesn’t seem to work when you hover over each […]

Add Google Map By Address

Is there a plugin that allowed me to add google map embed code by only supplying address?

Create a custom taxonomy that will be used to create and filter markers in a Google Map

I’m trying to create a WordPress shortcode that will output a full-width, filterable Google Map with a set of markers that will be loaded on first load (and shown or hidden depending on the filters chosen). The thing is, I’ve never done / used a custom taxonomy before, and I thought that it would be […]

Return XML of Post Metadata

All of my posts in one category (i.e. Location) have two custom fields: latitude and longitude. I would like to return an XML or JSON of all those posts (title, latitude, longitude) for use as Google Maps markers. I can’t simply call out to a stand-alone php file to return my data as I would […]

Post form as custom post

I’m new to WordPress and need to create a website including a special form, with which I can upload photos, set my position on an OpenStreetMap and choose from several dropdown menus. Here you can find an example of how it should look like: I already did this: Created a page template with the form […]

Google map that opens in a new window

I have a custom post type called ‘Venue’ and I would like my users to be able to create a map to that venue, basically just a marker on a map with the name of the venue and its address. The thing is that I want to create a small snapshot of the map and […]

Best way to show map of tagged posts?

This seems so simple that I’m tearing my hair out. I want to add a page with a map showing all the posts with a particular tag. I want each marker to pop up with the title and the preview, allowing the visitor to click through and read the full post. Ideally I want to […]

WordPress Google Maps

Does anyone know of a nice map plugin for WordPress? I have a diary website in WordPress where each diary entry has the latitude and longitude of where each post was written. I thought it would be cool for each post to have a google map showing where each entry was written. Maybe even show […]

Custom plugin route in WordPress

Okay so my question is quite simple. I need to implement some custom routing rules for my plugin. Those routes would only take one argument (so nothing complicated) and would look like : And ideally, this would call a custom class, and display a custom template (that could directly access the class). What’s the […]