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What's the easiest way to periodically (automatically) read static Markdown content into a WP page?

I’d like to sync my theme’s README.markdown into a page on my site and would love to be able to only have to update that text a single time — namely, when I commit my code up to BitBucket. I have my theme doing hg pull -u on a regular basis, so the code stays […]

Markdown in WordPress 3.2?

I found the question Create posts using markdown? about using Markdown on WordPress, however the plugins referred to haven’t all been upgraded to WordPress 3.0 or higher. Since I happen to be a bit pedantic about using updated plugin, what options are available to integrate Markdown for both editing and displaying on a WordPress 3.0 […]

Publishing Markdown posts from bitbucket to WordPress

I have a lot of markdown documents stored in a BitBucket repository. The md documents change often so I use it to track changes. I was now playing with the idea to ‘publish’ these MarkDown documents to a WordPress site. Is it possible to setup a continuous deployment of MarkDown documents to a WorPress site. […]

Numbering sections and block-level elements in wpautop(); WordPress as CMS for long-form writing;

I am starting to learn how to write plugins for WordPress. I’m interested in using WP as a CMS for long essays (6000-9000 words or more). My problem is what I call the Kindle problem, which is how do you reliably address the different parts of an unpaginated document which can be read on a […]

Enable / Add Custom Keyboard Shortcuts To Work With WordPress' HTML Editor

I use Markdown in my posts, and the plugin I use for that purpose requires the Visual editor be disabled. The HTML editor is pretty much just a text box. To make writing easier, I would like to enable some custom keyboard shortcuts that allow me to format text in markdown when a key combination […]

Migrating Markdown (from Drupal)

I’m in the process of migrating my blog from Drupal to WordPress. I have made liberal use of Markdown in the original posts (and Geshi syntax highlighting). In see that the WP-Markdown plugin converts to (and from HTML) on save (and edit), so I now have a bunch of posts which appear with the Markdown […]

Woocommerce get cart total price in a number format

Is it possible to get the cart total price without any markup. So without the € symbol? Right now I’m getting the amount with: $totalamount = $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_total(); this will give €16.50 I tried this also: $totalamount = number_format($woocommerce->cart->get_cart_total(), 2, ‘.’, ”); But this always gives 0.00 Is there a woocommerce get function that will give […]

Create posts using markdown?

Can I replace the WYSIWYG editor with a markdown editor? If so, what plugin can I use?