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How to make Isotope and WordPress work together?

I am trying to make my WordPress theme using Isotope plugin. So far, I have such a result after doing that was suggested: I believe that Isotope Masonry should not look like this. I am really puzzled as to what I am doing wrong. Below is my code: functions.php function profolio_scripts () { wp_enqueue_style( […]

Having trouble showing more blog posts on my grid blog layout

I made a grid blog layout on my wordpress site and i got some help from a friend with some code. It shows 3 posts per row but it wont go past 2 rows so its only showing 6 posts when there is much more. I know I need to expand on my code to […]

masonry only works if jquery is called twice

So I noticed that I’m loading jQuery twice in my WordPress install and when I removed the CDN I added in my footer and just use the jQuery WordPress comes with my masonry stopped working and gave the error: Uncaught TypeError: $(…).masonry is not a function. so then I tried using wp_enqueue_script(‘masonry’); and wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery-masonry’); to […]

Javascipt issue on custom theme

First off I always seem to have trouble getting my JS to work with WP. Currently I need some help figuring out what is going wrong with my javascript and ultimately what I am doing wrong. I have this code: (function($) { // This works on WP site and on CodePen // $(“”).click(function(){ // alert(“The […]

Why isn't wp_enqueue_script('jquery-masonry') working?

I’m trying to add masonry sript to my site, but wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery-masonry’); is not adding the script. Instead I have to use: wp_register_script(‘jquery_masonry’, includes_url(). ‘/js/jquery/jquery.masonry.min.js’, ‘jquery’); wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery_masonry’); Why is that?

Display recent posts with thumbnail within Masonry

On a page-template, I need to display recent 10 posts. So I tried to use, wp_get_recent_posts, found here in the codex, which I think is an appropriate hook for the purpose.The rest of the code is from my archive.php which displays the post-thumbnails in masonry just fine. I simply would like to achieve the same […]

“Bad element for masonry: undefined” why this error us occuring?

I am developing a WordPress Theme using masonry. but it generates following error on index page “Bad element for masonry: undefined” and these two errors on single.php “Bad element for masonry: undefined” “Bad element for masonry: null” Here is the code i am using in my theme jQuery(window).load(function() { // MASSONRY Without jquery var container […]

Masonry and Jetpack Infinite Scroll – overlap issue

I am trying to implement infinite scroll with Masonry on my archive pages on my theme and I have a couple of issues: 1) The “Load more posts” button is hidden behind the initial posts when you first load the page, see yellow circle: I feel a bit stupid asking this one but I don’t […]

Update: I cant enqueue any core scripts. Masonry wont load with enqueue handle, WordPress 3.6.

I’m trying to load masonry but I’m having no luck, I’ve managed to load it manually but then I realised it was included in the wordpress core, so I thought oh that’s handy. I have it enqueue’ (I really hate that word) like this: function lart_front_end_scripts() { if (is_admin()) return; wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’, ‘1.10.2’ ); wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery-masonry’, array(‘jquery’)); […]

Masonry imagesLoaded javascript error

After enqueing scripts as per WP codex and WP Beginner tutorial the site has a Javascript error: Uncaught ReferenceError: imagesLoaded is not defined Many others also have this problem. Link: