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Images not being generated at correct size

I have my WordPress Media settings set like so. Based on these settings no generated large image should exceed the width of 540px. I embed an image in a post like so. I choose “Large” as a image size, which should have a restricted width of 540px. The end result is an image of 1024x769px. […]

Custom bulk action for media gallery items

I’m trying to add custom “Bulk Actions” to WP 3.5 new media gallery items. I started from this excellent tutorial which does exactly what I need, but with regular posts; so i tried to adapt it to work with media gallery items. Starting from the original plugin code, here’s what I came up until now […]

Creating a Lightweight Media Tags Plugin with a Custom Taxonomy

We’ve been using Media Tags (–tags/ ) for a while, particularly for the dashboard media management features rather than any of its front end display features. It isn’t really actively maintained anywhere, and since WP 3.5, is just a massive amount of overhead for something that should be able to be accomplished with little […]

Check if post has gallery images/media

Is there a WordPress conditional that I can use to check for gallery images/media in a post? I do not want to check if the shortcode exist in a post. Attached is a screenshot of what I want to check for and if is images I want to output them to the page.

Show attached media image if no thumbnail image detected

I use the if ( has_post_thumbnail() ){} to check if the post have thumbnail image, but this echo get_attached_media(‘image’, $post->ID); displays the word Array I need to show the attached image

How to store media files in subdomain

In order to parallelize downloads, i created already a subdomain for images. Now, i don’t know how to move my media files, without breaking attachments, and after that, in the future, how to automatically store media file in subdomain. Eventually, what i was thinking of doing was something like , redirect to […]

How to get media objects

I am busy with a loop to return all media in the medialibrary in objects. I figured out how to get the images ( with wp_get_attachment_image(‘$mediaID’) where the $mediaID is the id of the image ) But I want to loop all media, not just the images, is there a function that I can use […]

Audio Playlist : How to bind events for “track change”, “track end”?

I’m customizing native WordPress playlist echo do_shortcode(”); I’d like to bind events to detect “track change” and “track end” and do something when those events fired. So, I checked wp-playlist.js. I see some events but I have no idea how to bind it on a separate js file (jquery) events : { ‘click .wp-playlist-item’ : […]

Change media attachment author via mysql query

How does one bulk change the media attachment author via an sql query? I have hundreds of media attachments that need to be moved to another author so the original author can be deleted; but that author has no posts, only media attachments. (The images were attributed to the author when importing and running a […]

Increase Size Limit of Media Files WordPress 4.1

I have edited (created) the php.ini file and the .htaccess file in accordance with this post. I have also found a plug-in (called Upload Max File Size) that claims to raise the file size limit of media files. With the plug-in activated, I see on the add new media screen that the limit has been […]