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Organize media uploads in folders – I have a physical access to (my) server

I’m very new to WordPress. With the help of my friend I installed WordPress on my server and finally we have our web online. However, I would like to upload some content in media library but I need to organize it in folders. Now we organized it with date-time hierarchy but its not enough. Is […]

Retrieve Image from Media Library by it's category

What I am needing to do here is get an image from the media library only by it’s category. It won’t be attached to a post, meaning that, the image will not be uploaded as a “featured image” of any post type. It will be uploaded directly through the media library. However I have created […]

How do I control video media display sizing with native wordpress player

I was hoping to use the native wordpress video player, but I’d like to ‘expand’ the video size on the page. Is that possible? I can’t seem to make this work. Actual MP4 video size = 640 x 360 but I’d like it to enlarge / stretch on the screen to 1.5 times size. In […]

Distinguish between 2 instances of admin-ajax.php

I’ve added an avatar image selector to my profile.php page. I’d like to be able to alter the query that loads the image library using pre_get_posts but I can’t find any way to distinguish between this page and the regular media library (upload.php). Using the global $pagenow returns admin-ajax.php in both situations. Is there any […]

How to change the value “uploaded to” in the media library (WordPress 4.0)

When I open my media library and go to the detailed view i get the list of the pictures contaning this row: Is there a way/plugin to change the “uploaded to” setting for one spesific picture? (My theme can generate slides and it takes all the pictures in one slide that have the same uploaded […]

Using the media library for theme customization

I’m using Underscores to build a theme and I’ve added an image selector to the customization section, which appears just like the default Background Image section, except clicking ‘Select Image’ doesn’t bring up the media library for some reason. Here’s the code I’m using: function hi_customization_options( $wp_customize ) { $wp_customize->add_section( ‘landing_page_image’, array( ‘title’ => ‘Landing […]

Open Media Uploader Link in single post or page

I want to open the media Upload Window like in a single post or page. It is important for me, to have that menu on top, which filters the media Library: This is my current code, which allows only to filter by date: $(‘.tc_upload_img_btn’).live(‘click’, function( event ){ var parent_wrapper = $(this).parent(‘td’).parent().parent().parent().parent(); var field = $(this).parent(‘td’).parent(‘tr’).find(‘input[type=”text”]’); […]

How to change compression of WordPress uploads including original image

We are currently using this to change the compression used on jpgs when uploaded to the WP media library: add_filter(‘jpeg_quality’, function($arg){return 75;}); However, this does not compress the original image. We sometimes need to display the original image on our website and this also needs to be compressed. How do we do this? Thanks in […]

image not found in media library

I’ve been inadvertently given the keys to a clients website. (I’ve redesigned an image for their WordPress site, and now they want me to swap the images out) Easy. Only the old image doesn’t show up in the Media Library – and I can’t seem to find a reference to it to change it. I’ve […]

Changing titles in Uploader for “Posts”

When I click the “add media button” within the Visual Editor in the “Add a New Post” page in my blog, there are some titles I would like rename, I would like renamed is “Insert Media” to “Upload Content” I would like renamed “Upload Files” to “Upload” & “Media Library” to “Your Content”