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How to change format of file link (<a url=“file_link”> Name </a>) when insert from media uploder

I want change some default wordpress functionality. From Media library when we select a file and press “Insert into page” (other than image file) It inserts in format <a url=”file_link”> Name </a> I want to change this default format. option 1 : I want to add extra tags before A tag OR Option 2 : […]

WordPress returns old thumbnail size after changing media settings

I have had a requirement to update a WP build so that the thumbnail size changes from (the default) 150×150 to 500×500. I’ve amended the size within the Settings > Media and utilised the awesome “Regenerate Thumbnails” plug-in to create the image files at the new sizes. So everything should be cool… alas not! When […]

Is it a good practice to change media settings on theme activation?

I want to change default image sizes when user activates my theme so that the default medium image width is exactly the width of page content (for pages with sidebar) and the large image size fits nicely on full-width templates. Is it considered a bad practice?

One step picture upload

Each time I upload an image by drag & drop in the Media uploader of WordPress, I get the options window (text-align, alt, picture name etc…). The fact is I always use the default settings and click ok as it is always good as it is. Is there a way, via the functions.php, to avoid […]

media resize/crop possibilities?

Under admin panel -> media settings there are no minimal width option for thumb or other image modes ex: I would like to crop image widthout distortion -> height 124px and minimum-width 124px and maximum-width 500px So it doesnt allow images to crop below 124px and over 500px but holding always 124px height How to […]

Alter image meta fields in the Media Library

To improve user experience, I want to make changes to the image meta fields in the Media Library: As demonstrated above, I want to change the Caption field to Source and remove the Alt Text and Description field. How can I achieve this?

Media Manager (since 3.5): How to show an empty Media Library when creating a media frame?

Is there a way to make sure the “Media Library” tab does not show any images until I start uploading some in the “Upload Files” tab? I am creating a frame with the following code: var myframe ={ title : ‘Bla Bla’, frame : ‘select’, library: { //query : false, // not working […]

How to add custom meta box under Gallery Settings in the “Edit Gallery” popup

I am developing a theme. I want to add option for the user to choose the type of the gallery which he is adding. Will it be a slider, masonry gallery or some other type. I cannot figure it out how I can add custom meta data in the media popup. Here in the screenshot […]

Extra Alignment buttons on media uploader screen

I can not comment on an exciting question because my reputation is too low and when I reply inside that exciting topic it will get deleted because it’s not a solution but another question so I start a brand new (same) question. :S This is the question I’m talking about. Add an alignment option for […]

Altered media sizes (in dash), not updating to existing images/posts

(I have searched but not found a satisfying answer – bear with me). I have a client that has a website with 1500 posts. Each post consists of ONE image, no text. I have changed to the Oria theme (and made a child), and in doing so need bigger images (scaling down is not a problem). […]