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How to Make a Custom Dashboard Widget to Display Custom Notification from Admin?

I am looking for a way to achieve the following: A group of users ‘students’ They login to the site Each student can see a ‘Custom Dashboard Widget(s)’ Each widget will carry a personal message wrote by Admin for that logged-in student. Such as A] Total Days in the course B] Total attendance C] paid […]

Members area with externally-managed htaccess / htpasswd authentication?

I am looking at the feasibility of converting a client’s site from countless hand-built web pages to a WordPress installation. The challenge is that we have a free area and a members-only area. The members-only area is a folder protected by standard Apache .htaccess / htpasswd authentication. The password folder is externally managed by legacy […]

Identical members roles on all sites in a multisite

In a multisite system I need editorial accounts with custom rights. Therefore I have chosen the members plugin. As I do have lots of sites, creating and synching the roles for all sites becomes quite tedious. a) is it possible to manage my roles for all sites globally (network-wise)? b) would you suggest to use […]

Shared Members between two different wordpress installations with different databases

I have two wordpress installations with same host with different folders. Each installation uses its own database. I mean, database are separated. I am not using one database for two wordpress installations. My Problem: I have two different member databases. Because my wordpress installation databases are not shared. So i want to use wpA database […]

Paid member plugin with some specific features

I was wondering if anyone knew of a paid membership plugin that streamlined the peyment/registration process into a single step. Ideally there would be a signup page. This page would have the typical fields (email address, possibly a user name and password) as well as the paypal button (only active when all required fields are […]

Hiding posts from non logged in users

I wish to hide certain posts for anyone that is not logged in. I tried the Restrict Content (RC) plugin but that did only hide the content of posts, i wish to omit the post completely. Using RC as a foundation i tried the following: function hideFromUnknownUsers($postObject) { $rcUserLevel = get_post_meta ( $postObject->ID, ‘rcUserLevel’, true […]