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Display count of new members registered today

I would like to display the registered members count for today in BuddyPress. Something like: 20 new members registered today I have no clue where to start, so I cannot provide any code yet 🙁

WordPress before save / update member

I have a site that requires to search for lat long information before been saved / updated a member profile, this is searched from google on reverse geolocation through a custom file name location. I am not looking the function on solve that, I ma looking way on hook the function Any suggest on how […]

Showing content to specific BuddyPress Member Types

On my project I’m using BuddyPress Member Types. The problem is I would like to display specific content to each member type. Something like; website checks Member Type based on logged in user id and then it shows a piece of content based on the member type. Has anyone tried this? If so can you […]

Make pages visible to only logged in members

I want to make a page for each user on my website. When a user logs in, I want them to be able to click on pages that are just designed for them (basically when they log in, I want them to be able to view their own profile). When another user logs in, I […]

Can I get an email notification when media is uploaded to the media library?

I have a front end uploader for members only, utilizing this code: <?php function insert_attachment_form($postID) { ?> <form id=”file-form” name=”file-form” method=”POST” action=”” enctype=”multipart/form-data” > <input type=”file” id=”async-upload” name=”async-upload” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”postID” value=”<?php echo $postID; ?>” /> <?php wp_nonce_field(‘client-file-upload’, ‘client-file-upload’); ?> <input type=”submit” value=”Upload” id=”submit” name=”submit” /> </form> <?php } function process_attachment() { // verify […]

IF user is logged in only show certain page

I have this wordpress site that I am making where a user has to login to see their specific gallery. My problem is that all our users are members and all the members can see all the other member pages. It’s kind of hard to explain so I’ll link you guys to what I have. […]

Conditional menu for registerd users/guests (Genesis framework)

I’m running Genesis Framework on WordPress and I have to display a different top menu for logged in users and a different one for unregistered users (guests). I created the 2 menus in the WP backend > Appearance > Menus: top-menu1 for guests top-menu2 for registered users Normally I’d have to just use this: if( […]

Addin plugin custom post type to members plugin

I am using the Wp-Leads plugin and Members plugin and I want to create a new user with the role leads-admin. When I go into the leads-admin role I added these capabilities: edit_wp-leads delete_published_wp-leads delete_wp-leads edit_published_wp-leads But when I log in as a user with the role leads-admin and I try to view the leads […]

Add additional 'description' field for defined roles / role metadata?

Is it possible to add an additional field for “description” to each defined role? (Administrator, Editor etc, plus custom roles). I’m using Justin Tadlock’s Members Plugin and have created some additional roles for which I have a page which displays users for each role. e.g. “Events Team”, and I’d like to show a description for […]

BBPress private topics by default

I’m using the BBPress plugin for WordPress and also the Members plugin. Does anyone know of an easy way to make Topics for members only by default? I know the Gravity Forms forum does this but I do not see an obvious way to go about it. Thanks for the help!