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Exclude pages from WordPress search result page

How can I exclude pages for logged-in members from WordPress search results?

Recommend plugins for member's only e-commerce website

I welcome recommendation from the gurus for my ecommerce website – I want to make a ecommerce website and I want it to be for members only. I want to restrict members from visiting the dashboard. I want guest-visitors to land on a login page , and once they login to my website they would […]

woocommerce and is_user_logged_in() if not redirect to homepage

I am currently using woocommerce and would like to redirect none logged in users to the home page, however i am having a little trouble determining where i should implements this I have done research and determined that using the is_user_logged_in() i can see if the user is logged in. I tryed implementing in the […]

Allow access on a page to just only a specific member

I am trying to create a membership site on WP where each members will have access to only specific pages created for them. I mean just a member is allowed to view content on a page while that page is restricted to others. I just to grant on a member access to a page. I […]

Conditional Tags for Membership Levels when using Wishlist Member Plugin?

I am currently using a plug-in called Wishlist member. It allows you to create membership levels in WordPress. I want to be able to display different content on a page depending on the membership level of the viewing user. Something like this – <?php global $current_user; get_currentuserinfo(); if ($current_user->user_level == 10 ) { ?> Admin […]

Compare post levels and user levels wishlist member

I’m using Wishlist Member plugin and I’m building a function which compares user_levels and post_levels, but I can’t get my function to work: check_user_access($userid, $postid){ // get user_levels $user_levels = WLMAPI::GetUserLevels($userid); // get the post levels $post_levels = WLMAPI::GetPostLevels($postid); // Compare user_levels with post_level $result = array_search($user_levels, $post_levels); if ($result === false) { return false; […]

Allowing members to upload photos to their profile

I am looking for a little bit of direction. I am building a membership site that will allow the user to upload multiple photos for their profile. My question is: Is their a membership plugin that will allow them to do this. Also, this feature needs to be front end accessible. I do not want […]

Making a client area in WordPress – Any good tutorials or plugins?

I’d like to make a client area in WordPress from my freelance design business. I’m capable of making it myself but I was wondering if there are any good tutorials and plugins that other people are already using. A Basecamp style project management system would be the ideal.

Paid member plugin with some specific features

I was wondering if anyone knew of a paid membership plugin that streamlined the peyment/registration process into a single step. Ideally there would be a signup page. This page would have the typical fields (email address, possibly a user name and password) as well as the paypal button (only active when all required fields are […]

Stop users from logging in from multiple locations

We are running a membership site. However, we have a problem with users that subscribe to our content that are sharing there login information with other people, circumventing the need for those users to also need a subscription. Any ideas for plugins that already do this? Or suggestions of how to go about logging people […]