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Make new users automatically approved

I’m allowing new user registrations on my site and checked “Anyone can register” and set the default role to Subscriber, but for some reason users still need manual approval. This is annoying because people will sign up but not be able to log in. No matter what I do users go into the database as […]

Downloadable content only for subscribers?

I’d like to use WordPress to set up a whitepapers site. Any user can check the main site with a list (blog format) of white papers available. But if a user wants to download any whitepaper, he has to be registered. So the process should be as follows: Are you registered? 1.1. Type your email […]

WordPress User Post Products

I want to build a website for a project with the following requirements: Any user can register They can post product by selecting a category, tags and uploading pictures Users can comment on the products Users can rate a product Users can view all products they posted, edit or remove the product Do you have […]

Enabling Cache on WP Membership Sites. Good OR Bad?

I develop wordpress membership sites and I never enable any caching plugin on those sites. I presume, if I enable caching then members might have some issues due to cache or there might be an issue during checkout process. I have never tried this though: The membership plugins I use are: Wishlist Members, Digital Access […]

Showing content to specific BuddyPress Member Types

On my project I’m using BuddyPress Member Types. The problem is I would like to display specific content to each member type. Something like; website checks Member Type based on logged in user id and then it shows a piece of content based on the member type. Has anyone tried this? If so can you […]

WordPress Plugins vs Traditional PHP membership website

I want to create membership website, as a form of passive income and also a way of improving my skills (I’m a UI/UX designer and front-end developer). The problem is that in theory, I would like it to grow to an almost 6 figure income per year and I don’t have experience making these type […]

How to structure sales of reports

I’m starting a new project where the business model is that they sell reports and, also, unlimited access to reports for a recurring fee. I’m having trouble thinking of how to implement this. I’m familiar with membership models, and ecommerce models, but this in-between feels complicated. To be more specific, it works as follows. If […]

“Members only” section of a WordPress site – self signup and no backend access

I’m working on a site which is mostly static content and one main blog. Because of this, WordPress looks like the best option to construct this site. However, the client is now looking for the following feature: There needs to be a “members only” section, with sub-pages, containing some slightly sensitive information Users need to […]

WordPress Phone Verification

Is there a way to check verified members phone numbers by sending code to their mobile phones just like Facebook does? This would be very handy to stop spammers and allows only one user per phone number.

How to create a Full RSS feed (secret URL) for certain users, short for the rest

I’m running a Patreon campaign for my blog and one of the rewards will be a full RSS available for users that contribute to that campaign, with the rest having only a short RSS Feed. I’m experimenting with the SB RSS Feed Plus plugin, but I’ve just installed it and I’m not sure it will […]