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How to change admin menu position of “Media”?

I would like to change the priority/menu order of the “Media” admin page. Is there a way to change that via apply_filter? Is there a way to change only “Media” page priority without having to list all pages within menu_order? Thanks

New page does not get a menu_order

The problem is that the order of the home page is not correct anymore. The new items are not in the same order as the menu, even though this is active: ‘orderby’ => ‘menu_order’, ‘order’ => ‘asc’ In the database I can see that every new page, type=project, used to have a menu_order assigned but […]

Resetting menu_order to 0 for posts in PHPmyAdmin?

Installed a plugin that allows the re-ordering of posts from any post type / category / tag using a drag/drop interface. After some time of using, my post order went haywire and new posts began to appear in a jumbled order. The plugin’s native reset button resolved this, but the old posts are still jumbled […]

Page Attachment Permalink Structure based on Menu Order?

I’ve been on a quest for the past couple of days reading up on Rewrite in WordPress but still can’t seem to figure out how to accomplish this. When using pretty links in WordPress, media attached to a page forms a URL like:…/attachment_name/ What I would like to do is create a […]

Menu position (admin menu) of pages

Is there a method to change the menu position of the ‘pages‘ post type? When registering new custom post types, you can enter an integer in menu_position but how do I do this for the preregistered post types? Can I somehow overwrite this? PS: I need it to be 5.

menu_order not working with slugs that start with admin.php

I am filtering the menu_order hook (codex link -> to change the order of my links in the admin menu. Currently the ordering will not work on slugs that begin with admin.php, so a settings page with the slug “admin.php?page=custom_settings_page” will just go to the bottom of the list. Anyone know of a workaround […]

WordPress 3.5 Gallery Menu Order not set?

With the new Gallery editor in WordPress I am able to set up my galleries and to drag the Thumbnails to re-arrange the image order. On the backend that seems to work fine. But I ran into an issue when I try to display the gallery on the front end using the ‘orderby’ => ‘menu_order’ […]

Reorder custom submenu item

In the Settings menu, I have the following menu items listed: Settings — General — Writing — Reading — Discussion — Media — Permalinks — Blogging I’d like to the Blogging (options-general.php?page=blogging) reordered underneath General instead of being at the bottom. This was added with the add_options_page() function. From doing some research, this is what […]

Are there any reasons you can't use strings for admin menu positions?

When interacting with the admin menu, for instance via add_menu_page, there is a $position parameter. The inline docs indicate that this should be an integer. The Codex agrees, but adds a note that you can use a float if you make it a string (e.g. ‘63.3’). In wp-admin/includes/menu.php the array is sorted by comparing the […]

Get current menu_order

WordPress implements a simple order functionality by default. What’s the common method, to retrieve the menu_order for the current post or page?