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Control sidemenu ui li for customisation

i am working on a WordPress website. i am trying to create a collapsable navigation menu. when i click on 1 li the other li which are open should auto close by itself. I tried various ways and couldn’t find proper solution. Can anyone help in achieving this.

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object

I have just updated to the wordpress laest version. And this message is showing on the homepage. Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/jafa9363696/public_html/ on line 727 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/jafa9363696/public_html/ on line 731 This is from line 723-732 $menu_item->url = get_permalink( $menu_item->object_id ); $original_object = get_post( $menu_item->object_id […]

wp-bootstrap-navwalker dropdown keep open

Using wp-bootstrap-navwalker i want to be able to keep the dropdown menu open if clicked else where, currently if you click outside the div the menu closes. using the theme understrap

Move dynamic menu item from buddy press. Drop down menu to main nav. menu

I am trying to move a dynamic menu from a drop down menu to my custom main nav. menu. The menu item is linked to a page that’s user specific. Your help,is greatly appreciated. Winstonian.

Dynamic posts list (custom order) widget plugin/code snippet

I would like to display a widget in sidebar which will show the links to post (sorted in any custom order like date, alphabetical etc. which I prefer) from the category which the user is browsing. The posts should change automatically when they go to other category. Please refer the sites like to understand […]

Change default menu id

I have created 2 menu locations at the same place in my theme. With a condition I show/hide 1 menu. For the 2 locations I have created 2 menu’s. Each menu has his own location. But my theme’s css only support an menu with the id ‘top-menu’, which is the default menu what we use. […]

I can't correctly display menu

I’m new in WordPress so I’m sorry if I repeat question. I have theme in HTML/CSS and I want move theme to WordPress and I have problem with my menu. Below I show my problem. I have menu in HTML: In WordPress my menu is: HTML is: <nav class=”navbar-default sidebar pb-30″> <ul class=”nav navbar-nav nav […]

Navigation Menu disappear

I am not sure what is causing the navigation bar disappear. It should appear in the right hand corner. My wordpress theme is Xcel. Even I changed to ot How should I fix it? Here is the liink. Thanks

How to add html attributes to the “ul” html tag with “wp_nav_menu” function?

I’m trying to improve my learning WordPress is very new, and the first theme. My problem is, With the function “wp_nav_menu” into the “ul” tag, data-hover = “dropdown” data-animations = “zoomIn zoomIn zoomIn zoomIn” I want to add html attributes, how can I do that ?, My aim is to make a hover dropdown menu. […]

Problem with positioning of the menu in custom WP style

I have created a style with fully functional menu in the header. The header ends with the border-bottom. When I add following lines to style.css to change the menu appearance: .site-nav ul li { list-style: none; float: left; } then the menu changes its position below the border-bottom of the header. I do not understand, […]