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Is it possible to make the heading on a page different text to the text of the menu item?

Is it possible to make the heading on a page different text to the text of the menu item? I have a page with a very long title and I’d like to make the clickable menu text shorter. Site is here:

How do i put a dropdown list of ALL my post in the sidebar menu?

In “Main Sidebar” i would like to add a dropdown list of ALL my post. How can i do that? I found various plugins and none of them did what i wanted (for example one only list the post i have on that page). How might i put all my post into a dropdown/menu list […]

Adding an external link to wordpress menu

I am currently using wordpress menu like this … $args=array(‘menu’=>’menu’, ‘menu_class’=>”, ‘before’=>'<span>’, ‘after’=>'</span>’, ‘link_before’=>”, ‘link_after’=>” ); wp_nav_menu($args); But what if want is to add a specific link to a menu item. Other than a wordpress page. Say an external link. What do i do?

Add extra menu to theme

What’s the best way to add an extra menu location to a theme that already has one? I want to add an extra menu in a child theme of a theme that currently has a single custom menu (what is the correct terminology here?!). Do I just use register_nav_menu() to create an additional menu?

Admin top level menu, pointing to an external url

I want to create a entirely new top level menu in the admin menu section, and have that be an external link, is this even possible with the current system? The solution that t31os provides in this thread works if you put the link as a submenu under, for example, the dashboard. But this is […]

How can I add a menu item to the admin area?

I’ve used almost all of the WordPress example code but it still doesn’t work. I’ve put the php file under wp-content/plugins/menuitem/ .The code is simple <?php add_action(‘admin_menu’, ‘donations_overview_menu’); function donations_overview_menu() { add_options_page(‘Donations overview’, ‘Donations overview’, ‘manage_options’, ‘donations-overview’, ‘donations_overview’);} function donations_overview() { if (!current_user_can(‘manage_options’)) { wp_die( __(‘You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.’) […]

How to Structure Pages and Subpages

I’m trying to create a church site using WordPress. The following is a small sample of the page structure I’m trying to create: About Staff Statement of Faith Contact Ministries Furnace Prayer Common Grounds Group Transformations Youth Group About and Ministries are not actual, physical pages. They just serve as a logical grouping of the […]

exclude pages in custom menu

I am creating a custom theme for wordpress, which will have a settings page. i am adding the option to exclude pages from the navigation, which will simply work on the page id separated by a “,” here is the code i have so far: <ul class=”tabs”> <?php $exmenuitems = get_option(‘exmenuitems’); $recentPosts = new WP_Query(); […]

Adding new pages to Menu

I am new to WordPress. I am using the free Theme for my blog. I have added Menu as About Us, Contact Us, Groups etc .. I need to add Static Pages to About Us, Contact Us etc ..!! I dont know to How to create and map it to the Menu !!

Change div background acording to the selected category

I’m coding a graphic menu that consist in five divs with a background each. On mouseover the background changes and the child div disappears. On click, each one works like a link to the correspondent category. I want to apply some changes to the clicked div, so I was wonder if there is some function […]