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display only the wp_nav_menu, which has the current-menu-item

i have a problem displaying only the menu with wp_nav_menu, in which the current-menu-item is in. Heres what i got: function register_menus() { register_nav_menus( array( ‘sidebar-menu’ => __(‘Sidebar Menu’), ‘first-menu’ => __(‘Menu 1’), ‘second-menu’ => __(‘Menu 2’), ‘third-menu’ => __(‘Menu 3’) ) ); } add_action(‘init’, ‘register_menus’) and on the page.php i’m doing <?php wp_nav_menu(array(‘theme_location’ => […]

Create a Page via plugin

My problem is to show a list of products read from db tables. I know how to read them and I am able to produce the table, but only using a shortcode embedded in a page that I’ve created via WP. I want the plugin itself create a page with my table inside, and that […]

Where to update the Static Pages Blacklist for Multisite Install?

Where in the menu system is the link to this blacklist? As referenced in the codex Also note that the blog prefix is not used for static pages which will be accessible directly under the base address, e.g. If you try to create a static page in the first site with the name […]

Adding a 'mega menu' to my site without a plugin

Can anyone suggest the best way to go about adding a ‘mega menu’ to my wordpress navigation without using a plugin? The content in the mega menu itself does not need to be editable via the CMS HOWEVER does need to be active when the user hovers over a certain li in the main navigation. […]

WordPress – site with 2 stylesheets and more…

I’m building a site that is broken up into two views (or sections): College and Corporate. » See it here When the College tab is active, the site will use college-styles.css (orange background) When the Corporate tab is active, the site will use corporate-styles.css (blue background) Some pages are global (content is the same for […]

Put a wp_nav_menu inside another one

I’ve got two wp_nav_menu’s defined – main and sub. The backend menu editor lets me add pages or categories or custom links to my menu, and I can place them under existing pages/categories/links. However, I want to add my sub pages to the sub menu, and then be able to add that sub menu as […]

Adding Custom Taxonomy Archive Link to Nav Menu Shows Up As (Invalid)

I have a custom post type “packages” with a taxonomy “Celebrations” that has a few terms in it. When I try to add a link to my wp nav menu through Appearance > Menus and choosing the term I want from the Celebrations meta box, the item shows up red with a title “(Invalid)”. See […]

wp_nav_menu show 1 item only

I was reading WordPress documentation and also trying to find some clear example of how to do this but I couldn’t, sorry if this is posted elsewhere but I did my best trying to find an answer before posting. My question is simple, if I use the wp_nav_menu function of wp, what should I do […]

Add Submenu Link in add_submenu_page That Opens in a New Window

How can I add a sub menu link using add_submenu_page that will open a new window (target=”_blank”) instead of opening in the current one (default behavior)?

Custom Nav Walker to show siblings and children of current branch?

I have seen very similar (if not exact) queries to this all over Google, but always seem to find something short of what I need. I am trying to create my full vertical menu using wp_nav_menu in my template. Only I would like to only show the current branch, siblings, and their children. Kind of […]