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How to add #navbar to all page links?

I have several WordPress websites with large images at their tops, using 2013 child theme. How to add #navbar anchor to all page links, so that the browser scrolls down a bit, when a user clicks a link in the Pages widget? (because otherwise users think that nothing has happened after they click, since they […]

No “current-menu-ancestor” class added when browsing an archive page

I have a menu set up like this: Page 1 Page 2 Page 2.1 CPT Archive Page 2.2 Page 3 etc… And when I navigate to the Archive, the Page 2 menu item does not have the “current-menu-ancestor” or “current-menu-item” classes. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding how WordPress menu classes should work?

Looking for the best solution to build this Blog structure? Picture attached?

I’m trying to build a scalable structure, let say I want to add different cities and have different categories so my URLs should look like this: (You can check the picture attached) | | | | So I have: 1 dropdown menu for cities 1 nav menu for categories […]

Menu is invisible in admin panel but it's visible in front-end

I am not able to see any menus I added in my website back-end and even I am not able to create a new menu. Though the menu I created earlier is showing. Please guide me on how I can make it visible so that I can add new pages in main menu. Let me […]

How to change the wordpress navigation bar UL to OL in Twenty_Twelve similer theme

I’am trying to make a wordpress website accessibility compliant but I have come across a problem with menu bar. It uses a modified them based on Twenty_Twelve. I need to change the “ul” tag to “ol” which is required to make it compliant. ( I tried Edit HTML of WordPress navigation bar following solution but […]

Multiple WordPress Menus that will only display all pages

This is my first questions, so go easy on me! I am developing a website where the logo is placed in the middle of the navigation. I am using Bootstrap and WordPress to achieve this menu, but am running into a strange issue. Although I have “Automatically add new top-level pages” unchecked on both menus, […]

Adding post excerpt into navigation menu

After each menu item, I want to add the page excerpt underneath it. So if i have a menu that looks like this: Home About Contact I want to get the page excerpt into the menu like this: Home This is the home page excerpt About This is the about page excerpt Contact This is […]

Wondering what these multi-colored extra pages are?

I’ve recently taken over managing the WordPress site for my non-profit. The person who set it up before me has a lot of plug-ins installed and widgets set up. Additionally, there are these 5 multi-colored “pages” that are outside of the normal Pages area. It’s very confusing because half the website pages are under ‘Pages’ […]

Top Menu showing as Plain text before page load

On loading the website of mine, it is showing the plain text of menu for a while and thereafter it is working fine. This is really a strange issue for me. I tried solving using this WordPress post, but this doesn’t solve my issue. Can you guys please help?

Does wp_nav_menu use the gettext filter?

I’m working on some multilingual code in a theme, and I was wondering if wp_nav_menu uses the gettext filter internally (i.e. same functionality as __() and _e().)