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How can I add a fixed vertical menu to my site?

I’d like to have a vertical (secondary) menu on some sub-pages of my site. It should be fixed (will stay as the viewer scrolls down the screen). I’m currently using the Q2W3 fixed widget, but it lacks the customization options I’m looking for…wondering what other options are out there?

Using Different wp_nav_menu theme_location based on page id (or a parent id)

I am sure this has been asked. It’s new territory for me so I don’t have the full vocabulary of what I’m doing, nor am I sure this is the right way to do it. I’ve got a bunch of internal pages on a site that the only real change from page to page is […]

How can I query all available public post types and taxonomies?

I have been looking for this but everyone that is posting a solution is just returning available menu items from a specific menu via wp_get_nav_menu_items( $menu, $args ); or something similar. What I am after is this in a single array. What I am trying to do is restrict sidebars to be shown on […]

Mobile navigation is shown, but standard navigation does not disappear

I have setup that website and the mobile navigation kicks in, as soon as the screen is smaller than 800 px wide. So far, so good. My problem is, the standard navigation does not disappear. That means, I have now the same navigation twice. Once in ugly broken words, once in the mobile button […]

If test for “has_nav_menu()” does not return echo when no menu exists

I have a strange issue with my if/else test for “has_nav_menu()” I have three menu locations in the template and each is tested if a menu exist in the defined location. However this example below does not echo the warning i want when and if a menu does not exist. The first test works fine, […]

How to have multiple WordPress Menus

If possible, could someone answer this in very easy steps as I am new to coding. I was wandering if there is an easy method for having multiple menus in any theme; I have been searching the internet for weeks, to no avail. I would like to have three main menus – excluding the footer […]

Why does my site show the correct front-page when you arrive at the site, but not when you click 'home'?

I have a website ( and the ‘home’ button leads to a diffent page than the ‘front-page’: When you arrive at my website, it displays the correct front-page.php with the loop on the right hand side. When you click ‘home’ in the navigation, a standard page is displayed without the loop. Why?

show only a given level in nav menu

I want to display only a given level of menu items in my main nav menu when on that page. Currently sub menus of my main menu are part of the main menu HTML being an unordered list within the nav link list. <ul id=”menu-main-top-navigation”> <li class=”menu nav-1″> … <ul> <li class=”menu sub-nav-1″></li> <li class=”menu […]

Menu page with three columns

Seeing all the postbox-containers in wordpress i was wondering if there is a way to add a third column to a custom wordpress admin menu page. I would like to have something like I get when using the col-md-4 from bootstrap but without bootstrap changing everything else in my dashboard. Is there any way to […]

Main menu gets replaced when second menu is created

I have a menu (main menu) and i call it with <?php wp_nav_menu( $args ); ?>. It works normally, and is set to Primary Location. But when I create another menu, the new one replaces the main menu. The theme is custom made, so obsiously is something I’m missing about WP menus. Aany help is […]