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How to make a custom menu based on a category or tag?

I’d like to have a sidebar widget that has my latests featured posts, which would be marked as a category or tag. Is there a way to do this with the new custom menus, and if not, is there a plug-in that can accomplish this?

I'm having a lot of trouble since upgrade to 3.0.1 with get_page_children() function

I use the get_page_children() function to create a sub_nav for a designer client I do work for. She uses the Spry Assets flyout JS that DreamWeaver creates, so I have to manually do the menus like this rather than use the new menus functionality in WordPress. I had them all set up and working perfectly, […]

How to set classname for <li> tag in wordpress menu?

I am using. <?php wp_nav_menu($args); ?> for get menu from returns the menus with <ul> and <li> structure. In that i need to set class name for every <li> tag uniquely. thanks ravi

Show recent posts in menu?

I’m building a menu which contains categories. Is there a way to make each menu option show a list of recent posts in that category when you hover over it?

Overriding the currently selected menu item

I have a WP 3.x site that I’m using mainly as a CMS. The menu links to the various WordPress pages. One of the pages, “News”, is the “posts” page. However, when clicking on one of the posts on the News page, the “News” item in the menu loses highlighting because the post isn’t treated […]

How can I remove the “updates” menu in the WordPress Admin panel?

How can I remove the “updates” menu in the WordPress Admin panel? Picture 1.png

simple expandable vertical menu, java script problem

I am trying to create a simple expandable menu in wordpress. Bellow you can see the javascript I am using (copy and mix from internet). <script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function($) { $(‘#access li’).has(‘ul’).addClass(‘has_submenu’); $(‘#access ul li.has_submenu a’).click(function() { $(“#access ul ul”).toggleClass(“showHide”); }); }); </script> The first part is ok, script adds has_submenu class to my menu. Second […]

Menu with Automatic Pages Included from Custom Post Type

Question – How can one utilize the wordpress 3.0 Menu system to automatically have new pages from a custom post type included within the menu (I am referring to the Menu Management area of wordpress for the public website). I believe this currently works for the regular “pages” if you check the automatically incude box […]

How do I remove the link element from the current page in a wp_list_pages menu?

WP makes a list of links, and helpfully applies a current_page class, but I’m concerned with the accessibility issues of a link to the page you’re on. Normally I’d swap the <a href etc with a <span, How would you approach that with WordPress? (apart from manually creating the list of pages!)

Add “parent” class to parent menu items

Is there a good way to add a class of “parent” to list items that have children using wp_nav_menu? I’ve found a couple of solutions online but non seem to have the desired effect.