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How can I set capabilities to allow only second level menu items to be altered?

Handover time for a client. Their editor is allowed to add/remove items to the primary nav, but the design relies on the top level top of the menu to be fixed – eg: [Products][Team][About Us][Contact] The client wants their editor to edit only the children of team and products, but not have the ability to […]

same menu extension on wordpress menu

As you can see that my menus of are the same as the aboutesp/… How can I fix it, I want the curriculum to have the direct sub menus, without first aboutesp/ and than the pages under curriculum. thanks for any help

Nav Walker add featured image

Am trying to add the featured image and menu description to my Walker nav (WP_Bootstrap_Navwalker) Theme understrap. this would only be for top level menu links. i found a 4 year old post but it dose not work either cos its out of date or as am using Boostrap walker. has anyone manage to show […]

Creating custom vertical menu

First of all sorry me for my bad English but isn’t my native language so I’ll do as best as possible to explain my problem. I want to create a custom menu with Walker_Nav_Menu that should look like this: ———————————- Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 3 ———————————- | SubMenu 1 | | SubMenu […]

Migrate WP Menu between sites

What WordPress tables contain the nav menus? I am getting conflicting information like wp-options, wp_terms, wp_term_taxonomy, wp_term_relationships. the information is all 4 years old though. I just want to export my menu from one site then import it into another. I want the whole structure. I tried the WP export function but there isn’t a […]

Wrap a sub menu in a div if the parent li has a specific class, using a walker and the start_lvl function

I am trying to make a custom nav menu using a walker, that has a mega menu. What I am trying to achieve is when someone adds a class of “has-megamenu” to a nav item in the dashboard, the sub-menu gets wrapped in a div with a class of “is-megamenu”. I imagined I could detect […]

how to configure this type of menu

So I sort of have this kind of menu dynamically coded in WordPress: I am somewhere in the ballpark with the code in header.php: Toggle navigation <!– If the menu (WP Admin area) is not set, then the “menu_class” is applied to “container”. In other words, it overwrites the “container-class”. –> <?php wp_nav_menu(array( ‘menu’ => […]

Deeply Nested Menu Loop with Twig using Timber

Using TimberMenu() and I have a menu for mobile that needs to go pretty deep. There must be a better way to write this with twig. Using macros and/or loop.parent or loop.index? It’s basically this loop with one nested loop but I need to go all the way down to a great great grandchild. <ul […]

Get the Nav Menu ID that's used by a Custom Menu widget with a given ID?

Given a Widget ID, such as nav_menu-2, is it possible to find out which Custom Menu it is set to display? I’ve scoured the options table, and cannot seem to find a way to relate these two pieces of information.

Add class to <i> and <span> in bootstrap nav walker

Im trying to replicate a menu from a theme (only for demo-ing purposes). Im using the bootstap nav walker to do so ( and am very close but just need to add a class to two elements for it to be complete. Im using the ‘Menu Icons’ plugin ( to add icons to my menu […]